Fandom Friday: 5 New Years Fandom Resolutions

Fandom Friday

Fandom Resolutions. This includes movies, TV shows, book series, comic books anything fandom-related that I want to do this year. So here goes my list! 🙂

1. Finish all the New Doctor and Old Doctor Who Episodes and read my Who-Verse book!

Doctor Who Stuff

(above picture took at Convergence 2014)

I started becoming a Whovian in May of 2014. I was completely entranced in everything Doctor Who. I am still on Tennants run because it takes me forever to get through TV shows. I started watching in May and my boyfriend started watching it in November and he’s done already while I am definitely not. I want to finally get through all the Doctor Who episodes on Netflix. After all the new episodes, I’m going to start reading my Who-Verse book I got from the Science Museum.

2. Reading!

I won’t talk about this too much because it is on my New Years’ resolution list too

3. Go to Minneapolis Comic-Con!

I just found out that Karl Urban is going to be there. I LOVE HIM! He was in a canceled TV Show called Almost Human that’s actually awesome. I was a huge fan of the show. I also loved him in Dredd and Lord of the Rings. I pretty much will see anything that he is in. It costs $225 dollars to get the VIP experience with him and get to meet him and take a picture of him! I really want to do it but it’s SUPER expensive. I at least want to go to Minneapolis Comic-Con

4. Read LOTR with the Books on Tape.

I have tried to read the Lord of the Rings books with no success. I was able to read the Hobbit and I felt accomplished finally finishing it. I am going to try to read Lord of the Rings but follow along with the books on tape. That will make getting through the books a lot easier.

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