Fandom Friday: 5 New Years Fandom Resolutions

Fandom Friday

Fandom Resolutions. This includes: movies, TV shows, book series, comic books anything fandom related that I want to do this year. So here goes my list! 🙂

1. Finish all the New Doctor and Old Doctor Who Episodes and read my Who-Verse book!

Doctor Who Stuff

(above picture took at Convergence 2014)

I started becoming a Whovian May of 2014. I was completely entranced in everything Doctor Who. I am still on Tennants run because it takes me forever to get through TV shows. I started watching in May and my boyfriend started watching it in November and he’s done already while I am definitely not. Seriously, I’m the worst binge watcher. I want to finally get through all the Doctor Who episodes on netflix. After all the new episodes, I’m going to start reading my Who-Verse book I got from the Science Museum.

2. Reading!

I won’t talk about this too much because it is on my New Years resolution list too

3. Go to Minneapolis Comic Con!

So I just found out that Karl Urban is going to be there. I LOVE HIM! He was in a cancelled TV Show called Almost Human that’s actually awesome. I was a huge fan of the show. I also loved him in Dredd and Lord of the Rings. I pretty much will see anything that he is in. It costs 225 dollars to get the VIP experience with him and get to meet him and take a picture of him! I really want to do it but it’s SUPER expensive. I at least want to go to Minneapolis Comic Con

4. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

This may not happen this year, but this will happen in my lifetime. This would be like seeing my childhood come to life. I know me and my roommate are already planning of a trip here eventually. This will be forever on this list until I finally get to go. Harry Potter was my first fandom before I even knew that fandom was a word

5. Read LOTR with the Books on Tape.

I have tried to read the Lord of the Rings books with no success. I was able to read the Hobbit and I felt accomplished finally finishing it. I am going to try to read Lord of the Rings but following along with the books on tape. That will make getting through the books a lot easier.

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