Is my blog name too sexual? – Bizarre Brunette

I wanted to start this post by telling a story. Writing my blog is a hobby of mine and it’s something that I’m proud of. I decided to be brave and share a blog post I wrote on LinkedIn. Within twenty minutes, I had someone comment on the blog post that I shared. They had written “Too Pornish” in the comments. This was someone with who I wasn’t previously connected, so I had no idea who this person was. I immediately felt a flush of embarrassment and deleted the post linking back to my blog. I didn’t think much of it, but then I tried to access my blog through work to gather some pictures for an “About Me” presentation. My work had blocked my website because it was deemed as an adult site. I laughed and it clicked why that person commented “Too Pornish”. It made me think, is my blog name too sexual?

When I told my friend that I was thinking about starting a blog, she helped me come up with the name. The first name I picked was “The Geeky Iceskater” The name didn’t feel right to me, but I wanted to start writing as soon as possible. My friend helped me figure out some other blog name contenders and she came up with Bizarre Brunette. It clicked and I knew immediately that was the blog name I wanted. It’s funny how Bizarre and Brunette on their own aren’t sexual words, yet when they are put together, it becomes “Pornish” as this one man described. It makes me slightly uncomfortable how something that was a hobby of mine has suddenly become sexualized which was never my intention, to begin with.

I mentioned earlier how I liked that Bizarre Brunette was feminine. The reason why this matters is because of the harassment I have faced both in person and online over my hobbies. I have been made to feel unwelcome at comic book stores even though I love reading comics. When I started playing video games, I was told that I was doing it to get attention from men even though gaming helped me destress after a long day. I was harassed online because I chose a Gamertag that was more feminine. I have had people question if I’m truly a fan of something if I wear a pop culture t-shirt. It’s been draining to be made to feel like I don’t belong.

As a side note, I’m a cis, white woman, so the amount of harassment I have faced is substantially less than other women. There’s still some work that needs to happen so that all women can feel welcome in comics, video games, and geek culture in general.

I was mulling this around, but I don’t see myself ever changing my blog name. If I ever do a rebranding, it could potentially happen in the future, but I have no plans right now. I’m going to continue writing about the topics that I’m passionate about because I want women to feel more welcome in these spaces. Unfortunately for the random guy on LinkedIn, Bizarre Brunette will continue to exist even though it might be too Pornish.

13 thoughts on “Is my blog name too sexual? – Bizarre Brunette

  1. I think a comment like that is probably more indicative of the reader than the writer in this case. In the same situation, I would be inclined to reshare the link and if the comment happened again, report it to linked in as Harrasment.

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  2. The thought had never crossed my mind. But I think even if someone did have such a thought, reading any single post would quickly redirect their thinking. I don’t think you have anything to worry about.


  3. It definitely did not raise anything with me, so I checked with Chris who is an expert at flagging up dodgy names. Got a baby name idea and want to know if the kid will be riddled? Ask Chris 😀

    We talked it through, he even googled it, and it came up with nothing dodgy at all. What he thinks flagged up your work internet is the word “brunette” because no one should be looking up photos of people at work, for example. I agree with that logic, and with everyone else that the person who commented was someone who is problematic, not you or your blog name.

    Hope this reassures you ❤


  4. No. I have always thought your blog name suited you perfectly. And it brings a smile to my face every time I get the email of your new post. Much Love for You, Grant and Athena. You keep goin’ girl, ’cause you give me Hope.


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