Romance Reading Month Recap – 2023

February is over which means that my Romance Reading month has concluded. I had four books and one romance graphic novel on my TBR. I ended up reading the graphic novel plus two of the books. It wasn’t a bad reading month, but I was expecting to do better. Some of the books I was reading took a little bit longer and I was out of town for one weekend in February which didn’t help. Here is everything I read last month.

All The Feels – Finished

[Image is a book cover. The book is "All The Feels" by Olivia Dade. It features a man looking at a woman in a loving way.]

All The Feels was a little bit of a letdown. Lauren was a character that I was looking forward to reading about, but she was kind of boring. She’s an ER therapist, yet there’s nothing else memorable about her. She doesn’t have any hobbies or interests outside of her job. I find it hard to believe there wasn’t something that could have been added to make her character more interesting. In contrast to Spoiler Alert, the first book in the series, April was a geologist who was so cool to read about! Besides Lauren, I liked everything else in the book. I rated All The Feels three stars on Goodreads.

Well Played – Finished

[Image is a book cover "Well Played by Jen DeLuca. There are two people sitting with their backs against each other, but heads turned at each other. A black and white kitty is between them.]

Well Played is one of the lowest-rated books in the Well Met book series. Part of the reason for this is because of the “catfishing” that’s centered on romance. Stacey reached out to an old fling and later finds out that she was talking to his cousin and not to him. I didn’t personally have a problem with this because Daniel, the man Stacey was actually communicating with, was apologetic and realized that what he did was wrong. I think what was more concerning to me was what their “fight” was about. Once that happened, I felt more animosity toward Stacey and Daniel as a couple.

I liked Well Played because I love the Renaissance Fest being the backdrop for the story. I think I will avoid catfishing in romance books going forward. I rated Well Played four stars on Goodreads.

The Love Con – Currently Reading

[Image is a book cover titled The Love Con by Seressia Glass" It features two people, the woman is in a cosplay that reminds me of a Greek god. Next to her is a man holding Thor's Hammer and holding a pair of scissors. Surrounding teh pair is sewing equipment, microphones and a camera]

I’m currently reading The Love Con as I wasn’t able to finish it by the end of February. I’m loving it so far. It’s basically a “friends to lovers” romance with the backdrop of a Project Runway Cosplay reality TV show. I’m planning on finishing The Love Con sometime this month.

Book Lovers – Didn’t Read

[Image is a book cover. Emily Henry is the author listed at the top of the book.  It shows two people sitting on cushions reading a book. The woman is on the left handing a book to the man on the right. He's reaching out for it. Underneath it says Book Lovers as the title of the book.]

I didn’t get a chance to read Book Lovers which is completely fine by me. This book would be perfect to read in the summer.

Lore Olympus Vol #1 – Finished

[Image is a graphic novel titled Lore Olympus by Rachel Smythe. The cover features a blue dark city with a man on top. The bottom is a pink skinned woman riding a horse looking up.]

Lore Olympus is so good. I love that there are physical trade paperbacks now and I think I prefer reading Lore Olympus this way versus on an app. I rated Lore Olympus five stars on Goodreads.

As far as what’s next, I plan on finishing The Love Con by the end of the month. March will be a much busier month for me since I will be attending two conventions out of state. I’m not sure how much reading I will get done, but it’s a nice break to be able to read whatever I’m in the mood for versus doing a full reading challenge. My next reading challenge will be Star Wars books in May which I always look forward to.

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