Gen Con 2023 Here I Come

I’m excited to say that I will be attending Gen Con in 2023! For those who are unfamiliar, Gen Con is the largest gaming convention in the US. There are so many different gaming events occurring along with the biggest vendor hall that I have ever seen. There’s so much going on at Gen Con that I find that there is something for everyone. I have been to Gen Con once and I always had it on my radar to go back. I may end up writing a few posts here and there as Gen Con gets closer. To start, I wanted to share the journey of attending Gen Con and why this con means so much to me despite only attending for one year.

[Image is a crowd of people in a group huddled all the way back]

In 2019, a few of my friends approached me about Gen Con as they felt that I would really like the convention. Gen Con takes place in Indianapolis which is only a nine-hour drive for me. I didn’t want to drive all that way myself, so I invited my brother to come with me. It was comforting having him to talk to and it made it more pleasant to be able to experience this with someone else for the first time. When I first arrived at Gen Con on Thursday, I was amazed. There were food trucks that lined the entrance of the convention which is pretty smart considering gamers need to eat. I was in line waiting to get into the vendor hall on the first day and the crowd behind us was one of the largest crowds I have ever been a part of. Another amazing part was how much there was to experience. Gen Con was hosting a brewery tour, a 5k, and other non-gaming events. I have never heard of a convention having that many events occurring simultaneously.

Immediately after getting home from Gen Con, I knew that I wanted to go back. Me and my friends were planning on attending Gen Con in 2020 which obviously did not happen. Our group kept in touch throughout the years of the pandemic. Both 2021 and 2022 were a miss as the pandemic was still around and there’s no denying that there would be a crowd. When I reached out to my friends this year, they were adamant that they wanted to return to Gen Con. All of our passes have been bought and our hotel room has been booked. It will be nice to stay at a hotel on site for parking and be able to walk to and from the convention at any time.

I cannot wait for Gen Con and I’m so happy to be going back. I know my brother is looking forward to it too and it’s been great to be able to spend time with my brother as well.

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