Meet Levinia – Commissioning Art of my DnD Character

On Thursdays, I’m still playing Curse of Strahd at Badwolf Adventure Studios. Our game was a semi-weekly game, however, the players voted on making sessions on a weekly cadence instead. This is the longest campaign I have ever been a part of and I have grown attached to Levinia, a half-elf Blood Hunter. She’s a level #10 which is also the highest I have ever leveled up a character. Besides offering sessions, Bad Wolf also allows for character commissions. I asked for a commission of Levinia because even if she were to die, I won’t ever forget her. The commission was completed in January and I’m pleased with how it turned out.

[Image is taken in a forest. It's dark and there's fog. In the center is a woman with black hair and white hisps through her hair. She's holding a rapier and is dressed in armor and a fur shawl. She looks menacing.]

I’m in awe! Levinia looks so good! I felt that this image captured her character. In addition to having a digital copy of the art, Badwolf framed it for me too. I haven’t hung it up yet as I’m figuring out where I want to hang it in my house.

I cannot say enough positive comments about Badwolf Adventure Studios. I always look forward to our sessions and it’s helped me destress throughout the week.

3 thoughts on “Meet Levinia – Commissioning Art of my DnD Character

  1. Hello Mariah… A professional quality portrait of your favored character… That is ‘effin’ awesome! Maybe sometime in the future I could do a ‘guest’ appearance at your regular RPG game?

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