The Fate of Laudna – Critical Role

Spoilers for Campaign #3 of Critical Role

I have talked about Critical Role many times and I plan to keep doing so. I have been watching both Campaign #3 Bells Hells along with Campaign #1 Vox Machina simultaneously as I hope to eventually be fully caught up on all things Critical Role. Campaign #3 has been having a major moment and the fate of one major character is unknown. I wanted to talk about Laudna (played and voiced by Marisha Ray) and her fate.

Spoilers for Campaign #3 of Critical Role Ahead

Before I talk about the episode, I wanted to talk a little bit about Dungeons & Dragons mechanics, so summarizing a moment in Critical Role, it will make more sense. In Dungeons & Dragons, when a character loses all of their hit points (or health points if you will) they go “unconscious” If the player isn’t healed, they roll a death saving throw which is completed by rolling a 20-sided die. Rolling a 1-10 counts as a failure while rolling an 11-20 is a success. If a player rolls a 1, they get two failed death-saving throws in one roll. With three death-saving throws accrued, a character dies.

In episode #34 of Campaign #3, Fearne (played by Ashley Johnson) and Orym (played by Liam O’Brien) are dead as they were killed in battle. Fresh Cut Grass (played by Sam Riegel) had a spell that he used to bring back Fearne and once Fearne was alive, Fearne would bring back Orym using a similar spell. Before all of this happened, Laudna was down and had to roll death saves. Unfortunately, Marisha had a failed death save already, and ended up rolling a natural 1 meaning her character, Laudna dies. Once Fearne was brought back to life, she had to pick which character to save: Laudna or Orym. Fearne picked Orym and Laudna permanently died. I’m probably not doing the best job at explaining this, but the whole cast was emotional. As I was listening to this episode, I also became a little emotional too.

I mentioned it multiple times before, but I’m playing in a Dungeons & Dragons campaign that occurs every other Thursday. When I created my character, Laudna was a big inspiration for me. To see that Laudna may be permanently dead was gut-wrenching as she was one of my favorite characters throughout this campaign. I’m bummed because I like the other characters, but Laudna was special to me.

Character death can happen in Dungeons & Dragons. It doesn’t make me want to stop watching Critical Role by any means, but as mentioned, I’m a little bummed that one of my favorite characters isn’t going to appear anymore. There’s a part of me that is holding out for Laudna to come back, but it’s not likely. If you’re watching Critical Role, let me know in the comments how this felt for you or who your favorite character is in Campaign #3.

5 thoughts on “The Fate of Laudna – Critical Role

  1. my brother tried to get me into critical role for so long and then i finally started watching campaign 3 mainly because of laudna. i hope she can come back but i’ll keep watching even if she doesn’t


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