Go Hex Yourself by Jessica Clare

I picked up Go Hex Yourself by Jessica Clare back in April at Independent Bookstore Day earlier this year. I originally was planning on reading this book in the month of October, but I ended up reading it earlier than I anticipated. Go Hex Yourself was a fun, spooky read, but I couldn’t help to want more from the story.

Reggie Johnson is in need of a job. She applies for a job in the paper and in her eyes, she thought it was a position working for her favorite card game “Spellcraft: The Magicking” Instead, Reggie uncovers that she ended up applying to be a witch’s familiar. Reggie decides to take the job and is quickly introduced to Ben Magnus, who is the cousin of the witch Reggie is working for. Ben tries to put distance between himself and Reggie, but ultimately, a situation arises where Reggie and Ben are forced to work together to break a curse that was set upon someone close to them.

I adored the setting of Go Hex Yourself. It was hinted that this book takes place somewhere outside of Boston. I thought this worked well with the story as I kept picturing brick roads, gothic houses, and trees with changing leaves. Reggie ends up staying at this mansion while she works and it’s described in detail what a witch’s laboratory looks like and all these vials for potion making. I thought it helped me click with the story more as I could truly picture this environment that Reggie is working under.

As far as the romance was concerned, I didn’t love Reggie and Ben together. It’s been hinted that this book is a “Reylo” book. For those who are unfamiliar, “Reylo” are a group of fans who believe that Kylo Ren and Rey from the Star Wars movies should be a romantic pairing. Ben is described as moody, having darker hair and overall looking quite similar to Adam Driver while Reggie has long brown hair, she’s quiet at certain times, and she comes from a rough background. I’m not a “Reylo” fan personally and I think that had to do with the romance and how it played out. I felt at times that Reggie and Ben weren’t made to be together and I couldn’t help but think if they would actually last after the book ends.

I did enjoy reading Go Hex Yourself simply for all the spell casting and overall story of how witches exist in the present day. Go Hex Yourself is part of a series and I’m looking forward to the next book because that book stars Penny, someone Reggie interacts with in Go Hex Yourself. I found myself liking Penny more than Reggie at times, so I think the sequel will be something I will enjoy more than the first book. I rated Go Hex Yourself three stars on Goodreads.

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