“Camping” at the North Shore

Minnesota is the US state known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” Minnesota has such beautiful areas of the state and one of those places is The North Shore. The North Shore is about 2 1/2 – 3 hours away from the Twin Cities and it’s right along Lake Superior, one of The Great Lakes. For reference, The North Shore is the northeast tip of the state. Our friends like to visit The North Shore once a year and this time I decided to come along.

You might be wondering why I’m putting quotations around “camping”. The reason is me and a friend ended up getting a hotel room because we aren’t big campers. I have been camping a few times before, but it’s simply not for me. I like hiking, canoeing, and kayaking, but I prefer indoor plumbing. It worked out perfectly! My husband camped outside which he loves, it’s simply not my preferred way to enjoy the outdoors.

Throughout the weekend, we drove through various small towns along Lake Superior. One town is called Grand Marais and it’s about 30-40 miles from the Canadian border. My husband is a big fan of a brewery up there called Voyageur. Voyageur had an upstairs patio and it was heavenly to sit, have a pint, and goof off with friends in the sun. The day before we also stopped at another brewery that was on my list called Castle Danger. I have always drank Castle Danger beer, but I never had been to the brewery.

It was such a fun weekend! It goes to show that you can do so much exploring in the state or area you’re from. Our friends were talking about making this an annual trip and I’m all for it. The North Shore is calling me to come back.

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