Creating DnD Campaign Sheets – DnD Podcasts

I love listening to Dungeons & Dragons or roleplaying podcasts. The frustrating part about them, however, is getting lost within the story. Each podcast has so much world-building that I find if I’m not paying attention to every second, I might miss something. Some podcasts may use recaps which are super helpful while others have opted out of that altogether. I wanted to share what’s been working for me to keep everything straight in the roleplaying podcasts I have been listening to.

I started this with Critical Role specifically. I started keeping a google doc per campaign where I write down my favorite moments, key NPCs (non-playable characters created by the Dungeon Master), and memorable bits from each episode. I started this google doc last year and kept up with it even when Critical Role began airing campaign #3. It’s been fun keeping a record of moments I don’t want to forget and it’s helped me get into the world that’s being created. This document is now 11 pages long! This is including moments from campaigns #1 and #3, so I may end up breaking them apart into two separate documents.

If anyone else is a fan of roleplaying podcasts, I currently have a google doc created for both campaigns #2 and #3 from NADDPOD and campaign #1 and campaign #3 of Critical Role. I’m happy to share them if anyone is interested.

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