2022 – Traveling Plans

By the time this post goes live, I will be in Charleston, South Carolina with my husband. We planned a road trip through West Virginia, Virginia, the Carolinas, and a final stop to Savannah, GA before driving home. I haven’t done a road trip since Boston in 2018. Silly Covid-19 pandemic disrupting my plans. I’m a big fan of road trips as I think it’s a great way to travel. I wanted to share my potential traveling plans for the year.

March 2022 – Carolinas

The Appalachian Mountains in Georgia. Photo was taken in 2017

Me and my husband knew we wanted to do a road trip. There were several places we had in mind, but we ended up settling on the Carolinas. I have been to the Appalachian Mountains when I went on my road trip through Nashville in 2017, however, I have heard lovely things about the Carolinas. Someone I went to college with has a family cabin in North Carolina and she raves about the area. We will end up stopping in Charleston, South Carolina for the majority of our trip and I’m really looking forward to a beach day.

Memorial Day Weekend Trip – Arizona?

Phoenix Fan Fusion is happening Memorial Day weekend and I thought it would be fun to be able to attend. The only concern I have is whether I would be able to get up to the Grand Canyon and Sedona on the same trip. I’m more than likely to be flying into Phoenix which would mean either renting a car or figuring out if there’s a bus or a train I can take to get there and back. Another option I considered was Portland Oregon, Salt Lake City Utah, or Las Vegas. This way I can be in one city without having to travel long distances.

Emerald City Comic Con – August Seattle, Washington

Could this be the year I make it to Seattle? I was supposed to go to Seattle in March 2020 before the pandemic fully became apparent. I ended up re-scheduling which was the right choice to make. Emerald City Comic Con has been re-scheduled to August and I really want to go.

This is an ambitious year for traveling and I’m motivated to make it happen. With the pandemic stalling travel plans, I feel like I have a lot of traveling to catch up on. Let me know your travel plans in the comments down below.

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