Inspiration & Hellish Rebuke – Adventurer’s League Recap

The last time I played in Adventurer’s League was before the holidays. Zehiri, my Tiefling Paladin, almost died because I kept rolling so poorly. I played Adventurer’s League at Red 6 Games in St. Paul. I like the DM who leads the sessions, and I don’t get to go to St. Paul that often, so I find playing at Red 6 is a treat. I’m happy to say that Zehiri did so much better in this session and I didn’t die.

Our session took place in the village of Parnast. Our contact, Regnar said there were thefts and other petty crimes occurring in the town. Regnar accused a local carpenter, Gundolin Cartwright, as the suspected culprit as he has refused to build a watchtower to protect the town. Regnar offered our group 50 gold if we could apprehend the person who was responsible. As our group conversed with Gundolin, we interpreted that he was innocent and another individual named Tove was responsible. As our group followed Tove into the forest, a battle ensued with numerous orcs and an ogre coming to greet us.

In this session, I earned my first inspiration from the DM. Inspiration is when the DM feels there’s roleplaying or character development that’s worth a reward. Inspiration can allow for any character to re-roll a die. I received inspiration because Zehiri helped get the group together. Our group was a bit all over the place and I cast a cantrip called Thaumaturgy which allows for my voice to become a megaphone of sorts. I told the group to calm down and think for a second. The DM liked that I did that hence I got the point of inspiration.

Another cool moment for Zehiri was in the big battle. There was a female orc champion by the name of Korgath who was targeting me. I had Zehiri taunt her a bit into attacking me. She dealt 13 damage to Zehiri, but I was ready. As a reaction, I have Hellish Rebuke. Hellish Rebuke is a reaction spell meaning I can cast it even if it’s not on my turn if my character is targeted. As I cast Hellish Rebuke, I rolled 3 D10s of damage which was enough to kill her. Korgath attacked me, I taunted her and I used Hellish Rebuke to turn her to ash. How cool is that?

Along with the roleplaying session, one of the players brought his son. His son was between the ages of 6 – 8 as he was still learning math. He was playing a Rogue, so he would do sneak attack damage. As he rolled the dice, his dad was helping him add up all of his damage. It was the cutest thing. We all knew the answer, but we didn’t tell him until he could add it all up for himself. It goes to show that D&D can be educational as there’s a lot of math involved whether it be in combat situations or skill checks.

From this session, Zehiri is now level #4. I’m on the cusp of leaving the beginner’s session and moving into the more advanced session for levels #5 – #9. I’m thrilled that Zehiri was able to live throughout the whole session and I’m excited to fit another Adventurer’s League session into my schedule.

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