Professional D&D – Bad Wolf Adventure Studios

The toughest part of playing Dungeons & Dragons is finding the time. I have joined several D&D campaigns that fizzled out. I joined some campaigns where I didn’t connect with the players and another campaign that fell apart because we couldn’t find a time that worked for everyone. Professional D&D is on the rise where you can pay a DM to coordinate your gaming group. In Minneapolis, Bad Wolf Adventure Studios is a professional D&D studio that will run games for you.

I found out about Bad Wolf through a Facebook ad. I figured I’d contact the studio and find out what this all involves. I was contacted right away and put into a group that met every other Thursday. This was perfect for me because it didn’t feel like a full-time commitment. There was a session zero where I worked with someone to develop my character. I didn’t feel uncomfortable for asking questions and was made to feel at home. While I have been roleplaying for a while, 5e D&D rules still confuse me, so I wanted to be in an environment for beginners. Bad Wolf is a great place to learn how to play whether you’re a beginner or have been roleplaying for years.

Since this is professional DMing, there is a cost. Each session costs $25. For some, this may seem expensive, however, I find that it’s worth it. When players are investing in their session, everyone is more than likely to show up. The most frustrating part of D&D is when players don’t show up for their sessions. Since everyone is committing financially, this has removed this frustration from gameplay.

In my limited experience with Bad Wolf, I can’t recommend them enough. Everyone was kind and friendly to beginners. It’s clear our DM knows a lot about the game and doesn’t have to constantly look up the rules. Once my group is finished playing through Curse of Strahd, I immediately want to dive into another session. If your area doesn’t have professional DMing, it might be worthwhile to talk to a friend and pay them for their time. Professional D&D is a game-changer for roleplaying and I’m happy to have found a long-term D&D campaign.

3 thoughts on “Professional D&D – Bad Wolf Adventure Studios

  1. This is true. Unless you can find a dedicated community of gamers. All the campaigns I’ve played in recently have lasted for 5+ years. We do have players drop out. But we have a solid core in the form of a collaborative effort between two game masters who both also play in each others’ campaigns. One is myself and one is by buddy Ted. We keep things going through organization, kindness, and flexibility.


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