My Favorite TV Shows That I Have Never Finished Watching

I don’t force myself to watch shows that I’m no longer interested in. I used to do this more frequently in college, but it took the joy out of watching TV. I found myself keeping track of certain series I love and noticed a pattern. There are shows where I watch certain seasons and then I can’t bring myself to finish the series. It could be the show took a weird turn or the show lost its spark that kept me invested. I still consider myself a fan of these shows and wanted to list my favorite TV series even though I won’t watch every episode.

Agents of Shield: Seasons #1 – #3

I loved the first few seasons of Agents of Shield. The cast had great chemistry together and each character had a strength to bring to the team. The friendship turned into a romantic relationship between Jemma (played by Elizabeth Henstridge) and Fitz (played by Iain De Caestecker) was filled with “will they” or “won’t they” moments. The first few seasons were addicting, yet I found by season #4, my interest in the show declined. I have re-watched Agents of Shield at least twice, and I can never seem to finish the series.

Scandal: Seasons #1 – #4

Scandal is another show where I gave up watching after finishing season #4. I felt Olivia Pope (played by Kerry Washington) and President Fitzgerald Grant (played by Tony Goldwyn) were such a hot couple early on, but then it felt like they were playing games with each other in later seasons. They either need to be committed to each other or break up. Scandal also went in a much darker direction than what I was looking for. There was torture for information and Olivia’s kidnapping. It felt a bit too much for me. The first few seasons of Scandal are great TV, I just can’t finish it.

24: Seasons #1 – #5

24 follows Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) agent Jack Bauer (played by Kiefer Sutherland) who helps prevent terrorist attacks on the US. The first five seasons were thrilling to watch. There were great plot twists and each of the CTU agents was interesting to follow. Season #5 was a gut punch with the death of some major characters including former President Palmer (played by Dennis Haysbert), Michelle Dessler (played by Reiko Aylesworth), and Tony Almeida (played by Carlos Bernard). I remember feeling so heartbroken over their deaths. This was one of the first TV moments where I had attachments to these characters, so when they died, it was shocking. After season #5, there were some weird moments. I pretend the other seasons of 24 don’t exist and it’s only seasoned #1 – #5.

What shows have you started and haven’t been able to finish? Let me know in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “My Favorite TV Shows That I Have Never Finished Watching

  1. Agents Of SHIELD is my favourite show! I don’t know how far into S4 you got, but if you’re ever rewatching it, the back half of S4 is actually considered to be the show’s best stuff. The season was kinda split into three different sections; the first was Ghost Rider and that magic book, and I also didn’t vibe with it, but what comes next really impressed me.
    I can’t stop watching shows that don’t interest me anymore. I just power through at double speed because I’m weak lol (not that AoS ever reached that point for me).


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