C2E2 x3

Last weekend, I went to C2E2, a comic book convention in Chicago. I’m fortunate because one of my best friends from college lives in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, so I can stay with her while I attend the convention. C2E2 is one of the most enjoyable conventions I attend because I find that this con is organized, there’s a lot to do and see, and I always seem to run into someone I know.

Captain Marvel Cosplay – C2E2 2021

Getting to C2E2 can be a trek. Driving in Chicago can be one of the more stressful cities to drive in. I have never driven downtown and I don’t plan to. Instead, I like to take advantage of Chicago’s public transit system. Beginning the journey, I drive about twenty-ish minutes to one of the stops on the Blue Line running to O’Hare International Airport. After reaching downtown, I have to get off and switch to the Green Line which runs to McCormick Place where C2E2 is always held. In total, it’s about two hours for me to navigate to C2E2 although it’s always worth it because this way I can relax before attending the con.

While meandering through the convention floor, I was able to meet two of my favorite artists in comics! The first was Jason Muhr who illustrates By the Horns one of my favorite comic series released this year. I was able to connect with Jason as he told me what inspired him to become invested in this comic series. The next artist I met in person was Kami Garcia, the author of the Teen Titans Young Adult graphic novels series. I read her Teen Titans: Raven graphic novel last year and I loved it! I picked up Teen Titans: Beast Boy which Kami graciously signed. Kami also commented on my Captain Marvel cosplay I was wearing and recommended I check out the Margaret Stohl run of Captain Marvel. I’m still in awe thinking about how I met two artists who created work that I love.

Besides the comic conversations, I went to a panel called “The Five Things You Need to Know Before Creating a Comic Series”. I have no interest in writing a comic because reading comics is a big hobby of mine and I don’t want to ruin that. I went to the panel more out of curiosity. At the beginning of the panel, the moderator asked us where we were from. I shouted out Minneapolis because of my Minnesota pride. The couple behind me shouted, “Us Too”. I turned around and realized I recognized them through my work at Twin Cities Geek. It’s a small world. The panel was fascinating as far as what it takes to pitch a comic until it finally is released by a major publisher.

C2E2 is one of the best conventions in the US. It’s organized, features lots of cosplayers, and there always seems to be something for everyone. I’m sure I will keep attending C2E2 every year as I know I will always have a blast whenever I go.

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