Controllers & Coffee BizarreBrunette Gaming Update #2

Since starting this blog series, I find that I’m gaming more which is a plus. As a bonus, we have been getting snow in Minnesota and I love gaming in winter. There’s something cozy about playing a video game while snow is lightly falling outside. My husband is the same way, he has started his Minecraft Friday night ritual with his friends. Let’s roll into my latest gaming update.


I’m still playing through Lego Harry Potter 5 -7. I’m almost finished with the story and after that, I would re-play all levels to unlock the collectibles. I’m a completionist meaning I love collecting trophies and achievements depending on what platform I’m playing on. I wish I wasn’t because I do want to play Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, however, I want to play Lego Harry Potter first.


I tried to play Sims 3 a couple of weeks ago, but I ended up getting bored after 30 minutes. I also tried playing Death and Taxes. Death and Taxes is a game where you play as the Grim Reaper deciding who lives or who dies. It’s an interesting premise, however, I’m itching to play something else. I’m going to go through my Steam wishlist and library and purchase a few other games to have on hand. I like having a lot of options in my Steam library.

Board Games

I haven’t played board games at all recently. I want to do a board game night sometime soon with friends or family.


Zehiri – image screen shot from my D&D Beyond account.

I have two exciting roleplaying updates. The first update is the fact that I have joined a new Dungeons & Dragons 5e campaign. My character will be a half-elf / half-human blood hunter with ties to an otherworldly god. I picked Eldritch Blast as one of my main attack spells. My character is going to kick some ass. I haven’t named my character yet, as I’m still trying to find the perfect name. Our first session will be before the Christmas holiday.

The second update is how much fun I had at Adventurer’s League. Adventurer’s League is an ongoing campaign where you can play anywhere. Players can take their character to any game store hosting an Adventurer’s League. It’s a great concept because I could play at one store in Minneapolis and level up, then take the same character to a game store in St. Paul with my newly leveled-up character. I had a blast. Zehiri is my level #3 Tiefling paladin who looks demonic, yet she’s a complete sweetheart once you meet her. This session was intense because my character and our group almost died! It’s the closest I have ever come to seeing my character die. To prevent this post from going long, I’m going to make a separate post summarizing this session.


In my last post, I stated how I wanted to play Magic: the Gathering Arena for the new set Crimson Vow. I haven’t played Arena as I ended up uninstalling it from my phone. The app version takes forever to load, and it seems like every time I open the app, there’s a new update. I get that the mobile version is a bigger game, but to me it’s unplayable. I ended up uninstalling it. I have been very disconnected from Magic and I have even debated giving up the game together. We shall see.

Besides Magic, I bought a new wireless mouse for work originally, but now I intend to use it when I play games on my laptop.

I have been keeping my gaming posts at roughly once a month which is perfect. It gives me enough time to play and have something new to say. As mentioned, I’m going to write a post about the Adventurer’s League session where my character almost died because that’s a funny story.

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