Wanderlust My Travel Bucket List 4 Years Later

Four years ago, I wrote a post titled Wanderlust & My Travel Bucket List. In 2016, I was still in college and excited to finally graduate. As I re-read the post, I realized I actually crossed off a few of these places. I wanted to re-visit this topic to update my list, recap where I have been, and look to the future when the borders open.

Wanderlust *noun* a strong desire to travel.

Harry Potter World Orlando, Fl DONE! February 2019

This was my first trip listed in my post four years ago. I didn’t even list this as Universal Studios because I was so focused on going to see the Harry Potter portion of the theme park. This trip was planned for February because that’s my mom’s birthday month. It was also an excuse to leave the brutal Minnesota winter to go somewhere warm. This was one of my favorite trips I have ever taken and I’m glad I made this a priority after I graduated college.

Seattle, Washington – HAHAHAHA 2020.

I was supposed to go to Emerald City Comic Con in March of last year, however, I canceled my trip due to the pandemic. It was 100% the right decision to make. I hope to make it to Seattle one of these days. This picture itself is breathtaking.


I convinced the fiance to go to Europe for our honeymoon. With the borders being monitored, I do want to wait to go on a honeymoon until it’s safe to travel to Europe. London is a great beginner travel city since I haven’t been overseas yet.

New York City Comic Con / A Bigger Con Partly Done! Planet Comic-Con in 2018, New York Trip in 2018, and C2E2 twice.

This goal is partly completed. Since 2016, I have attended Gen Con (Indianapolis), C2E2 twice (Chicago), and Planet Comic Con (Kansas City, Missouri). In 2018, we flew to New York to explore the Big Apple. Once attending conventions becomes safe again, I do want to attend NYCC in all of its glory.

Reading my Wanderlust post reminded me how much I have accomplished since graduating from college in 2017. Going through 2020, I struggled with this insecurity of “not doing enough” with my life. 2020 felt like a wasted year. I realize in saying this that it’s a privileged thing to say. None of my loved ones tested positive for Covid-19. I’m still healthy as I’m sitting in my apartment writing this post. My main hope for 2021 is to speed up the distribution of the Covid vaccine! Bring on the herd immunity!

4 thoughts on “Wanderlust My Travel Bucket List 4 Years Later

  1. Glad you were able to enjoy WWOHP before the pandemic started. I hope you’re able to go to Seattle and London soon. All I can think about in lockdown is all the places I want to travel to. Both of those are on my list.


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