Wanderlust & My Travel Bucketlist

This whole week I have been suffering from major writer’s block. I wanted to blog, but I couldn’t think of anything to write about. In my 9:30 AM lecture class, the topic appeared in my mind and that’s my strong desire to travel. Whenever anyone asks where I will be after graduation my initial first thought is on a plane somewhere exploring an unknown area of the U.S or the world. Wanderlust is my new favorite word that accurately summarizes my feelings.

Wanderlust *noun* – A strong desire to travel.

I had a serious discussion in my head about where I would want to go and I decided to share a couple of these future travel plans today.

Universal Studios Orlando, Fl 

There was no doubt that this would be #1 on this list. I’m always going to be a kid at heart and I feel like visiting this theme park is necessary. I have been looking into vacation packages and I’m serious about trying to fly here the summer after I graduate.

Seattle, Washington

Fun fact: I have never seen an ocean. This fact is incredibly sad because I’m sure oceans are really beautiful. The west coast is gorgeous and it’s right along the Pacific Ocean. Driving would be the best way to experience the West Coast even though I’m really impatient on road trips.


England is the home to Doctor Who, Sherlock, and James Bond, so of course I want to visit!

New York City Comic Con/A Bigger Con

I really want to go to a bigger convention. Local conventions in MN are my jam, but I would love to see some big names. I don’t have a preference about whether to go to NYCC or SDCC, but I really want to attend one in my life. The only thing that I’m afraid of is that there are so many people. I’m not the hugest fan of crowds, but I wouldn’t want that to stop me from being able to attend.


Japanese culture is really different from the U.S. In my freshman year of college, I was paired with a roommate from outside of Tokyo and it was cool to chat with her about their culture. She said at her college graduation she would wear a brightly colored kimono. As a parting gift, she gave me a traditional Japanese fan with cats on it because it’s me. I still have it sitting on my dresser. Me and my roommate talk occasionally and she’s always said I could visit and stay with her. Hopefully, I can make that a possibility.

There are so many places that are on my travel bucket list that I didn’t mention. Just typing this list makes me giddy about planning all my future vacations. I can’t wait to graduate college and make traveling a priority.

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