My Favorite Nonprofits

I’m fortunate to still be employed throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. I have been working remotely since mid-March and my company extended working remotely until next March of 2021. Being Quarantined, I have been able to put money away since I’m not spending money on traveling, going out to eat, or at breweries. When my payday approaches, I budget out a portion of my paycheck to donate back. I wanted to list my favorite nonprofits to donate to.

Before I launch into my favorite nonprofits, I wanted to make a statement. If you live paycheck to paycheck, I understand giving isn’t a possibility. In my first position out of college, I didn’t have much leftover to donate. I’m excited to be in a new position where I do make enough and have money to give.

The Trevor Project

I have discussed The Trevor Project multiple times on this site because it’s one of my favorite LGBTQIA+ nonprofits to give to. The Trevor Project helps young LGBTQIA+ under the age of 25 by providing access to crisis intervention, and suicide prevention. It breaks my heart how young LGBTQIA+ folks are abandoned by their families. Society has moved forward in some ways, but clearly not enough. The Trevor Project provides resources, education and a hotline to call for assistance. I believe in The Trevor Project, so I try to give to them often.

Center for Reproductive Rights

I’m pro-choice. I believe anyone capable of getting pregnant deserves a choice in their reproductive health. I want reproductive rights to be protected. The Center for Reproductive Rights is trying to advance reproductive rights throughout the globe. Reproductive rights doesn’t mean abortion, it also means the protection, accessibility, and affordability of birth control. This is a cause I’m passionate about because of how many people in our world are impacted by the lack of reproductive rights or healthcare.

Black Lives Matter

I’m based in Minneapolis and while I’m passionate about my city, there needs to be change. Philandro Castile, George Floyd, and Jamar Clark are names to never be forgotten. I have white privilege in the sense that I have never feared the police. I believe in Black Lives Matter because of their work to bring awareness to this movement.

Feline Rescue Inc

Feline Rescue Inc is where we rescued our kitty, Athena. I’m a cat person and while there are so many cat people in this world, I do believe cats are at a higher risk of abuse. Cats have a bad reputation based on outdated stereotypes. I could start crying if I think about all the mistreated cats in our world. I will continue to adopt cats for as long as I’m on this Earth. Feline Rescue Inc is local to MN, but I encourage you to find your local animal shelter or cat shelter and give them some financial love.

Feeding America

There hasn’t been a Covid-19 financial relief since March and many who are unemployed are struggling to afford food. Feeding America allows for monetary donations to be routed to a local food bank.

2020 has been awful. Donating to these charities gives me a sense of purpose. If you’re able to financially give, I encourage you to do so. If you’re living paycheck to paycheck, I hope here in the United States, we get a financial Covid-19 relief package soon.

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