Star Wars & Dragons – Comic Reviews

My pile of comics I wanted to review has been stacking up. Last weekend, I stopped by my local comic book store to refill my comics. It’s close to the end of the year which motivates me to read faster to meet my Goodreads goal. I have two paperbacks, and three individual comic issues to review. Per the title of this post, there is a Star Wars comic along with a paperback featuring dragons. I’m going to start with the trade paperbacks.

The Tea Dragon Society by Katie O’Neill

Tea Dragon Society Book Cover

The Tea Dragon Society was more of a picture book than a graphic novel. The Tea Dragon Society features a mystical world where tea leaves are created by Tea Dragons. Each Tea Dragon creates a different tea leaf. Greta rescues a Tea Dragon from being maimed by a predator. She takes the Tea Dragon to Hesekiel who runs the local tea shop outside of town. Hesekiel teaches Greta over the course of a year how to care for these Tea Dragons.

Look how cute the Rooibos and Chamomile dragons are!

The art is light and refreshing. Each part of the book tells Greta’s story throughout all four seasons. I thought the Winter art was beautiful. It showed Hesekiel’s cabin lightly dusted with snow and gentle flakes flowing to the ground. The tea dragons themselves are adorable! In the back of The Tea Dragon Society, it shows the different breeds of the tea dragons and how to care for them. The Rooibos Tea Dragon looks like a baby dinosaur while the Chamomile Tea Dragon looks like a baby yellow bunny.

I loved this book. The Tea Dragons were adorable, the story was positive and overall the story had great messaging. I want to save this book for my future children to read to them. As mentioned, this is more of a picture book than a graphic novel, however, I think adults can enjoy this story as much as kids. I rated Tea Dragon Society five stars on Goodreads.

Snapdragon by Kat Leyh

There’s a rumor of a witch living on the outskirts of town. Snap (full-name Snapdragon) finds her lost dog on the witch’s property. Jacks is the “witch” who Snap meets at the beginning of the graphic novel. Snap helps Jacks pick up roadkill, so Jacks can sell the put together bones online. This fascinates Snap and she becomes interested in the generic anatomy of different types of woodland creatures. As Snap and Jacks build a friendship, Snap realizes Jacks may actually possess magical abilities and Snap starts to become aware of the world around her.

Snap is a delightful main character. She’s proud of the person she is and has no shame. I like the scenes of Snap analyzing the animal bones because it introduces Snap to science. Snap’s best friend, Lu, is experimenting with their identity. There is a lot of LGBTQIA+ representation in this book which is seen in Lu and other characters. I’m all for representation as I want to read diverse stories. Snapdragon is one such story.

Snapdragon is a quirky, slightly weird fun tale about acceptance. I rated Snapdragon four stars on Goodreads.

Doctor Aphra Issue #2 Wong, Cresta and Rosenberg

Doctor Aphra & her team are aboard their ship after the shootout from the last issue. Ronan Tagge contacts them offering a deal, however, their team doesn’t take it. They fly to a new location in their search for the Rings of Vaale and chaos ensues. I like Ronan Tagge as a villain. Any person who does business on Canto Bight is shady. In this issue, we find out more about Aphra’s past as she did business with Ronan. I thought this issue carried the story and I’m interested to keep reading. I rated DoctorAphra issue #2 five stars on Goodreads.

Finger Guns Issue #1 & #2 Richards, Halvorson, Nalty and Esposito

Finger Guns follows two kids, Wes and Sadie. Wes is goofing around and points finger guns at random people. To his surprise, he can change the emotions of the recipients of his finger guns. Wes discovers Sadie can do this too. They discuss what their “power” is and why it takes the form of finger guns. I like the concept of this series. I’m curious as to how this series will go. Is their power genetic? Is it completely random? I rated Finger Guns both issues four stars on Goodreads.

This was a much longer review post than I anticipated. Let me know what graphic novels or comics you have read recently.

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