Celebrating Fall at the Apple Orchard

Trying to find activities allowing for social distancing can be challenging. My fiance decided we should go to an apple orchard because at least it’s outside. We settled on visiting the Luce Line Apple Orchard located in Watertown, MN. It was a 35-minute drive away from where we live which is the perfect amount of driving.

This apple orchard was huge! Their apple fields span for at least a couple of miles. At the center of the activities was a white barn to buy fall-themed merchandise. Pumpkins were scattered around the premises and various animals were sniffing children’s hands looking for food. Since the property was so big, we didn’t feel we were on top of anyone and it was fairly easy to socially distance. We went on a walk around the fenced-in animals and found a couple of quiet moments to take pictures.

As far as food, we each ordered a corn dog. I haven’t eaten a corn dog in a while since our state fair was canceled back in August. Additionally, we went to the cocktail stand and ordered a tangy apple sangria. IT WAS SO YUMMY. It was worth the $9 purchase. As we sat and drank our tangy sangrias, we saw Bigfoot walking around. Someone dresses as Bigfoot and walks around the Orchard. There are Bigfoot signs throughout the Orchard. Me and my fiance couldn’t stop laughing when Bigfoot would scare little kids.

Finally, we stopped at the white barn. I picked up more candle wax for my Owl wax burner (I don’t remember what it’s called, but it burns wax). We picked up some homemade maple syrup and a couple of smaller decorative pumpkins that are currently sitting on our TV stand.

Trying to come up with activities during a Pandemic is tough. Me and my fiance take social distancing and mask-wearing seriously. Luceline Apple Orchard was perfectly spacious allowing for a cute date day while being safe.

6 thoughts on “Celebrating Fall at the Apple Orchard

  1. Glad to see you both had an amazing day. You are so right though, itโ€™s incredibly hard to find social activities at the moment. Except for grocery shopping I havenโ€™t been out of the house for anything since this crisis started.
    The pictures are absolutely amazing by the way! ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€


  2. I love going to apple orchards and going picking, it’s one of my favorite fall activities! Glad you had a nice time :]


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