President Joe Biden & Vice President Kamala Harris

The United States election was this past week. Last Saturday, the results were announced with Joe Biden winning the presidential race along with Kamala Harris being the first female Vice President in our nation’s history. It’s a historic time and I finally feel as a country, we are back on track.

Normally, I don’t discuss politics on this blog. This blog is my geeky space where I discuss pop culture, books, comics, and video games. However, this election is way too important to skim over. I was never a fan of Donald Trump. The way he would talk about various groups of people is appalling. The US is not containing the Coronavirus and whether it is entirely President Trump’s fault, he’s still leading this nation. This is his responsibility.

With this being said, I don’t believe Biden or Harris are perfect. Biden was a main supporter of the “Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act” This act passed in 1994 has helped create the mass incarceration seen in US prisons. Harris has been known to be against prostitution and would go after websites sex workers would use. These websites would help sex workers be safe in their line of work. My views line with being a Democrat, although I want to hold my politicians accountable whether they are a Democrat or a Republican.

It’s difficult to put into words how happy I am with Biden’s election. I’m more thrilled for Kamala Harris and being the first female Vice President. Little girls will get to grow up in an era where they will see representation in the highest office in our nation. A Female Vice President means we are closer for a Female President in my lifetime.

With any political post, I will not tolerate any hatred in the comments. I reserve the right to not approve any comments or report them as spam. I write this post because I want to make it clear where my opinion lies as this election is crucial in the time we live in. If you’re a Trump supporter, I will not debate you in the comments. I was harassed by Trump supporters when Trump won the election in 2016 and as I re-read this post, I don’t think it’s disrespectful or rubbing it in anyone’s face. I stand by Biden / Harris and I voted for them because they would be the most qualified to lead our nation out of this pandemic we live in. I hope everyone is keeping well during this time.

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