Iden Versio & the Infernal Squad: Battlefront II

I tend to avoid online, multiplayer games. The hatred coming from online players is enough for me to stay clear. However, I made an exception for Star Wars Battlefront II. The fiance received Star Wars Battlefront II as a gift for his birthday and as I watched him play, I realized this game might be something I would like. A month has passed, and I’m already at level #28. In between online multiplayer matches, I was also playing through the Star Wars Battlefront campaign which stars Iden Versio & her Infernal squad. I’m pleasantly surprised to say the campaign rocked.

Star Wars Battlefront II takes place immediately after Return of the Jedi and before The Force Awakens. The campaign follows Iden Versio, a commander of the Inferno Squad, an Imperial Special Forces unit. Iden’s team goes through several missions together which contorts Iden’s views of the Empire. There’s not much else I can say without spoilers, but the campaign does allow you to play as major characters in the Star Wars universe.

I went into this campaign with low expectations. Usually, multiplayer games including a story mode are mediocre. The major highlight of this game was Iden Versio. I thought she was an excellent main character as she’s smart, sophisticated, and has a grey moral compass. She has to contemplate her relationship to the Empire after major decisions are made. She isn’t a villain, but I wouldn’t call her a hero either. Her comrade, Del, is another character featured in the story. The professional relationship between Iden and Del develops over the course of the campaign.

The missions were pretty short but fulfilling. At first, I hated the flying missions, but after a while, I found I was enjoying flying in Iden’s tie-fighter. It takes a little bit to get used to. Some of the missions felt nostalgic as they returned to familiar planets with our favorite characters. The voice acting for Luke, Lando, and Leia was decent. The only character I felt was slightly off was Anakin. His voice doesn’t even sound like Hayden Christiansen.

My one minor complaint with Battlefront II is the dismissal of the prequels. Padme isn’t a playable character which is mildly annoying. Padme could have easily been included with several outfits with her blaster. I could see her having special abilities related to the officer of boosting her teammates with health bonuses. In defense of Battlefront II, the game was meant to boost the new Star Wars movies being released by Disney, so the prequels weren’t something that had to be addressed.

Battlefront II is one of the games I will remember as a game getting me through Covid-19. Any Star Wars fan will be thrilled at flying a tie-fighter or entering into battle with Obi-Wan. Battlefront II can be played on Xbox One, PS4, or Microsoft Windows.

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