Lucifer Cold Heaven Plus Lucifer Show News

I started watching Lucifer last summer when it was moved to Netflix. I didn’t know what to expect when I started the pilot episode, but I was blown away by the show. It appealed to my love of Law & Order SVU only this time, the king of hell plays a major role. There’s been some recent Lucifer TV show news and I read Lucifer Cold Heaven #1, so I figured why not make an all-encompassing Lucifer post.

Let’s start with Lucifer Cold Heaven. As many Lucifer fans can attest, I started the show before reading Neil Gaiman’s run with the character. Lucifer’s Cold Heaven isn’t the first issue by Neil Gaiman, instead it’s written by Holly Black, art by Lee Garbett, colorist Antonio Fabela, letterer Todd Klein, and features other creative minds including Stephanie Hans, Dave Johnson, and Christopher Moeller. In this first volume, Lucifer is mysteriously injured and it’s announced God is found dead. Lucifer heads on a quest with Gabriel to clear his name as he didn’t kill God.

I rated this three stars on Goodreads. I adore the show which meant I had big expectations for the graphic novel series. This story took place mostly in Hell, but I wish the backdrop would have been LA. I thought the story was mediocre, but the artwork was what sold this novel. My favorite cover features Lucifer drinking a cocktail with a red-eye in his drink. Mazikeen’s character design is intriguing as she wears a theater mask with half of it cut off. I do prefer Maze in the show, she’s played wonderfully by Lesley-Ann Brandt. Overall this wasn’t bad, but I’m not in an urgent rush to continue in the series.

Moving on to Lucifer show news, season #5 does have an official release date of Friday, August 21st. There will be 16 episodes for season #5 with eight episodes dropping in August while the other eight will drop at a later date. This will be tough because I will probably watch all eight within a day or two.

Lucifer surprisingly was renewed for season #6. Netflix made a tweet with the “666” animation announcing Lucifer returning for season #6. How could you not do a season #6 especially because 666 is the devil’s number. The show has a huge following and it was the fans who helped sway Netflix to renewing the show. After season #6, I would be satisfied if the show concludes. However, fans have been wanting a John Constantine crossover with Lucifer, which I wouldn’t be opposed to.

I could talk about Lucifer all day, however, I have to end this post at some point in time. Let me know in the comments section if, like me, you will devote yourself entirely to Lucifer when the episodes air on Friday, August 21st.

4 thoughts on “Lucifer Cold Heaven Plus Lucifer Show News

  1. The show is VERY different from the comic. I watched the show first like yourself but was warned before reading the comics. I read them as part of my wander through the Sandman universe and I talked about the differences in the reading section of my April and May update. I’ve yet to read the most recent 2018 series, so unless that one is the exception, you’re not going to find a series set in LA. There are moments in LA because as in the show, he does leave hell and go to LA, but that is where the similarities end regarding LA.


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