Body Positive Power

I follow bodyposipanda on Instagram when I need positivity during this time of uncertainty. Bodyposipanda is run by Megan Jayne Crabbe, an eating disorder survivor who has quit dieting and is trying to promote positivity around how our bodies look. I find her Instagram page to be inspiring. Our bodies are ridiculed by not looking a certain way and Megan has battled this persona. Megan wrote a book titled Body Positive Power: Because Life is Already Happening and You Don’t Need Flat Abs to Live it. I purchased this book toward the beginning of Quarantine and it made me feel better about myself and improved the relationship I have with my body.

“I’m sure we all know someone who eats junk food, never exercises, and stays thin no matter what. Yet we refuse to believe the opposite could be true, that you can be fat, eat well, exercise, and stay fat.” – Megan Jayne Crabbe.

In this book, Megan shares everything she knows about the weight loss industry, our bodies, and her journey to overcoming her eating disorder. Megan details her experience spending time in a facility for her disorder. Reading this section was difficult, but crucial because we still don’t know how to treat eating disorders and why they happen. This book targets Anorexia specifically because of Megan’s personal experience, but she does touch on binge-eating disorders too. Eating disorders are difficult to treat and I hope we get to a place in society where we know more about them and can effectively treat them.

One of the most interesting sections of the book was when Megan breaks down what’s in diet teas and diet pills. I knew the Kardashians were promoting their stomach tea, but I didn’t know what the tea consisted of. Two ingredients in diet teas include Senna and Chinese Rhubarb root. Both of these ingredients promote the emptying of the bowels. Another interesting topic was the discussion on diet pills such as dinitrophenol (found in herbicide), various amphetamines, and even Fen-Phen which led to heart valve damage. It’s sad how our society is concerned more for people to lose weight than by doing it safely.

After finishing this book, I felt slightly irritated. I spent so much time hating my body when I could have been living my life. I will always have insecurity with how my body looks, but I want to be nicer to myself. I don’t want to force myself to give up the food I like, but instead focusing on portions. I’m going to not journal my food as that’s where it becomes too much of an obsession for me. Megan’s book confirmed for me that my flaws are what make me unique and normal. My cellulite, fat surrounding my stomach and even my acne are normal for a human body to have.

I would consider myself somewhat active in the body positivity movement. Shaming someone for their fat is insensitive and disgusting. If you’re struggling and need a pick me up, this book is worth it. Megan is making this world a better place. 

2 thoughts on “Body Positive Power

  1. Nice review! I’ve struggled with my weight and body for years, having had eating disorders as a teenager. Things have been better but there’s always still a struggle. I hadn’t heard of her instagram or book, but I checked them out and they look super inspiring. Thanks for sharing this!


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