Saving Halloween in Costume Quest II

Costume Quest 2 **image from Steam**

During Quarantine, I bought Xbox Game Pass. Xbox Game Pass has over 100 console and PC games to play. Besides more popular games, there are quite a few indie titles here as well. I recently downloaded What Remains of Edith Finch, but I also finished playing Costume Quest 2. Costume Quest 2 is one of my favorite games I played in 2020 because it appeals to my joy towards Halloween.

Twins Wren and Reynold are getting ready to trick or treat on Halloween night. Suddenly, dentist Dr. Orel White teams up with a time wizard to go back in time while also unleashing orc-like creatures on their town. The goal for Dr. White is to rid the world of Halloween forever. This can’t happen because Halloween is the best holiday that’s not a holiday. Wren and Reynold jump around in time to stop the infamous dentist and bring Halloween back.

Costume Quest 2 is made by Double Fine Presents. Costume Quest 2 was my first Double Fine Presents game, so I did a little research on the company. In 2019, Double Fine Presents became absorbed by Microsoft Game Studios, so they sadly won’t be making any more games. I’m disappointed as this studio is one I’m watching for. I followed the developer on Steam as I do want to play more games they made.

One of my favorite parts of the game is the battles. As you encounter the orcs, you enter into battle with your Halloween costumes. Each Halloween costume has a different ability. My personal favorites were the dinosaur, the pharaoh, and the wizard. The battles themselves remind me of Pokemon battles as you take turns using your attack move until you build enough to use your special move. There are also attack cards that provide additional bonuses in the game. I forgot to use them when I had them, but they did help me win my battles.

I’m an achievement hunter by trade and I liked that most of the achievements were fairly easy to unlock. I’m only missing one, but it’s a difficultl achievement, so I do intend on going back in the game and playing it on a harder difficulty setting.

I cannot recommend Costume Quest 2 enough. If you love Halloween as much as I do, this game has to be on your gameplay list. I love this game so much that I would buy this game on Steam to play it again. Steam does have the first Costume Quest game where the Xbox Game pass does not. If I do play both games, I will buy the Steam bundle where you can buy both for only $20.

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