Dating Monsters in Monster Prom

In Quarantine, I was looking for new games to play to occupy my time. I’m playing Jedi Fallen Order currently and while I’m enjoying the game, it’s a game that’s best to be played on weekends. I was looking for more casual PC games to play during the week where if I had a stressful workday, these games would relax me. Monster Prom fills this fix as it’s the perfect casual game to play during the week.

Monster Prom is a game in which you have three weeks to secure a date to prom. The exception is you’re a monster at a high school filled with other monsters. During each round, you can pick which part of the high school to interact at which allows your predetermined monster to socialize with the other monsters. At each social interaction, your character makes a choice and this choice earns you hearts with the monsters. The more hearts you have, the more likely that when you ask this monster to prom, they will say yes.

Monster Prom is a well made, dating simulator game. In the character creation, you can pick your pronouns and it includes they as a non-binary pronoun. This is a small feature to add, but it leads to gamers feeling more accepted while playing the game. All the monsters are unique in their own way. Damien is the angry devil, while Liam is a hipster vampire. The monsters combine high school stereotypes with their monster counterparts.

While playing through Monster Prom, there are secret endings to unlock. The secret endings are the prom outcomes for example if you’re date says yes or if you’re left without a date for prom. Combined with the Steam achievements allows more replay in the game.

Monster Prom is a fun dating simulator game with detailed dialogue and interesting monster characters. Let me know if you have played Monster Prom in the comments below. If so, let me know who your favorite monster is. Monster Prom can be purchased on Steam for $11.99.

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