First Films: At The Movies Blog Challenge

I took a break from writing posts and it was nice. Last weekend, we visited the fiance’s family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We still laid low and didn’t leave the house, but it was nice to have different scenery. Since I wasn’t at my own apartment, I didn’t prep my blog posts like I usually do. Every Sunday, I sit down and schedule my posts to release during the week. With all the emails I write at my job, I don’t feel like writing after work. This allowed me to rejuevnate my creativity into the posts for this week. To launch back into blogging, I decided to join Oh So Geeky’s At The Movies Blog Challenge. This challenge is running until June 5th, so don’t forget to write your post.

Image created by me. Photo found on Unsplash.

The theme for my challenge post is my first films. I’m going to share five early memories I had regarding movies whether it be from my childhood or movie memories I will always cherish.

Harry Potter and Monster’s Inc Double Header

When I was in 2nd grade, the first Harry Potter movie was released along with Monster’s Inc. My dad loved to go see movies in the theater and he took our family to Monster’s Inc during the day with a break for dinner and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in the evening. This is the only memory I can recall where we saw two movies in one day.

Watching Pirates of the Caribbean in a Closet..?

Remember when portable DVD players existed? The DVD was inserted allowing you to watch DVD’s on the go? When I was in middle school, me and a friend would watch Pirates of the Caribbean on this portable DVD player and for some odd reason we decided to watch the movie in her closet. To this day, I’m not sure why we picked her closet. It wasn’t a walk in closet either, it was a standard small, long closet. We would watch this movie on repeat. The whole cast sold this franchise with Johnny Depp becoming Jack Sparrow. Kiera Knightly and Orlando Bloom had convincing chemistry together, it surprises me how they never dated in reality. Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the best film franchises to exist.

James Bond Film Marathons With My Mom

My mom introduced me to so many films. I watched numerous Harrison Ford 90’s action films including Air Force One and Clear and Present Danger. My favorite memory though is watching all the James Bond films. My mom bought the James Bond boxed sets with a mix of the different films. My dad wasn’t thrilled about me watching them, but it became a way for me to bond with my mom. Timothy Dalton is my Bond and nobody can sway me differently.

The Phantom Menace & Star Wars Toys!!

I’m a 90’s baby which means I was young when the Star Wars prequel movies were made. The prequels are flawed films, but they get way too much hate in my opinion. I had the communicator device toy that Qui-Gonn uses in the film along with the Queen Amidala Barbie sitting on my childhood dresser. This memory is more about the toys from the prequel movies, but without the movies I wouldn’t have the toys.

The Polar Express

This memory is a bit sad, but it’s worth it to include on this list. When The Polar Express was released in theaters, my dad wanted us all to go and see the movie. For whatever reason, we didn’t want to go see it with him, so my dad ended up not seeing the film at all. The Polar Express was released in 2004, my dad was diagnosed with cancer in 2005 and passed away in 2006. It makes me sad reflecting on this memory because this would have been a moment shared with him. I wouldn’t say this was a regret of mine, but if I could go back to this moment, I would have changed my mind and saw this movie with him.

These are my first film memories and I’m happy to have shared them here. I spent a lot of time writing these memories and reflecting on these movie experiences. If you would like to participate in this blog challenge, please tweet at @katyrochelle or post on her blog that you’re participating. The link to her post is in the first paragraph.

2 thoughts on “First Films: At The Movies Blog Challenge

  1. Thank you so much for participating in my blog challenge! I loved your choice of movies and made me remember when I saw the first Pirates and Star Wars prequels in theaters. They really made my childhood feel adventurous.

    And I’m so sorry about how your dad passed away and you didn’t get a chance to see The Polar Express with him.


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