Harry Potter WYR: Accio or Apparate?

I still have so many Harry Potter WYR cards left! I am devoted to this blog prompt, so I will be doing this until I go through all the WYR cards I have created. I picked this one because I thought it would be the ideal prompt for Quarantine living.

Harry Potter WYR: Use Accio to Summon Any Object You Need OR Be Able to Apparate And Get Anywhere You Like??

Harry Potter WYR: Use Accio to Summon Any Object You Need OR Be Able to Apprate and Get Anywhere You Like?

As I mentioned, I felt this would be an ideal prompt in Quarantine. I would use Accio to retrieve my groceries, so I wouldn’t need to leave my apartment. This is mostly because I don’t enjoy wearing a mask, but I do like leaving my apartment. Otherwise, I would use Accio to get new clothes to wear as I’m sick of my current closet.

Being able to Apparate anywhere would be awesome. I wouldn’t recommend this now as we are supposed to stay in our homes. Once the stay at home order is lifted, I would transport myself to London or the Caribbean or Tokyo. I miss planning out potential vacations.

I’m going to pick. . .

Being able to Apparate! I would rather be able to go anywhere in the world for a couple of hours.

Let me know in the comments which one you would rather pick!

4 thoughts on “Harry Potter WYR: Accio or Apparate?

  1. I think I would also Apparate. All the times I wished I could Accio something were in moments of laziness, like when I’m downstairs and need to get something from upstairs but I don’t want to get up. But being able to Apparate would make life so much easier for anyone who has to commute for work or people who want to travel. Or you could have a long distance relationship with anyone!


  2. This is such a tough choice! I think I’d pick Apparate as well. I feel like Accio might make me super lazy, and I think I’d get more enjoyment being able to Apparate wherever I wanted.


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