Kingdom Hearts 3

Last Friday, I spent four hours and drank four hard seltzers to beat Kingdom Hearts 3. Kingdom Hearts is known for having brutal boss battles and Kingdom Hearts 3 is no different. I almost quit, but I persisted and I finally defeated Master Xehanort. Since completing Kingdom Hearts 3, I wanted to reflect on my favorite levels and general thoughts about the game.

Kingdom Hearts 3 shows our memorable key wielder Sora as his strength is at an all-time low. He travels with his companions, Donald and Goofy to regain his strength and learn the “power of waking” the ability to restore lost hearts. It’s revealed how Sora has Roxas’s heart along with two other hearts bound to his. This power will be useful to prevent Xehanort from opening Kingdom Hearts casing the world in darkness.

Look how cute Sora is!? He looks like a toy. Image belongs to Square Enix.

Kingdom Hearts 3 has levels in many of the newest worlds from recent movies. Olympus and Port Royal make a reappearance, along with new levels from Toy Story, Monster’s Inc, Tangled, and Big Hero 6. The best level was the Toy Story level. Starting in Andy’s house, the toys make their way to a major toy store. Sora can enter these gigantic toy robots to fight heartless while wandering the toy store. As a 90’s baby who grew up with older Pixar movies, Kingdom Hearts 3 appeals to my nostalgia for these movies.

The last level is where all the boss battles begin. Sora has to fight his way through all the major characters in Organization XIII. When I reached the final battle, I had leveled up Sora to level #43. In the future, I would have stayed on the Big Hero 6 level for longer to level up Sora to be more prepared for taking on Organization XIII. Before taking on Xehanort, I would recommend having at least 4+ hours of free time. There’s one final save point before entering the town and entering into Xehanort’s territory. Kingdom Hearts 3 has designated save points and you don’t want to lose progress in the fight and have to redo it.

Ultimately, Kingdom Hearts 3 is filled with nostalgia. The story isn’t the main reason why I play this series. I play for the characters including Sora with Aqua being my favorite key wielder. Besides the Toy Story level, I liked the Monster’s Inc level too. I’m impressed with the voice acting in this game. Without having the original voice actors, the characters do sound like the original characters from the movies. Kingdom Hearts 3 was worth the wait.

4 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts 3

  1. This is a game I can’t play myself without rage quitting, so I watch my brother play instead. I don’t think I’ll ever understand the storyline, but I love the characters.


    • Hahaha I’m so confused by the storyline if I’m being honest. I play for the levels and the Disney nostalgia. Also Aqua is my favorite character, but she’s only in the game for 10 min??? Also the last level sucks in difficulty, but rewarding when finished.


  2. I loved this game so much, man! The Tangled world was my favourite!

    I found that the game was kinda short, though? I wish I could remove it from my memory and play it again 😭


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