Monitoring Movies with Letterboxd

My cousin is a movie watching devotee. She watches so many movies many I have never heard of before. She made a Facebook status saying how she was updating her Letterboxd account. After researching, I downloaded the Letterboxd app and it has changed the way I am watching movies while in Quarantine. I can follow friends, see their movie recommendations, and list movies on a watch list to view later. Letterboxd is my new favorite app.

I’m the type of moviegoer where I always watch movies I have seen previously. It’s difficult for me to force myself to watch something new. I don’t want to waste my time watching a movie I don’t enjoy. With Letterboxd, it’s allowed me to record all the new movies I have seen along with typing reviews or recording my reactions to a particular film. Since using Letterboxd I have watched: Vice, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Knives Out, Ex Machina, and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo *Swedish Version*.

Letterboxd has renewed motivation in re-watching movies. I’m planning on re-watching the James Bond films, Marvel movies and since it’s May the Star Wars movies. I plan to log my thoughts as I finish the movies on my list. I created a list titled “The Movies That Define Me” and I have been slowly adding my favorite movies to this list.

Letterboxd is an easy to use app. It has a good interface, organized, and barely crashes on me. There are ads on Letterboxd, so while the app is free to use, there are ads now and then. For $19 a month, you can have an ad- free app or pay $49 a month to become a patron. Becoming a patron allows for backdrops on your profile along with early access to beta features. Right now, I’m not planning on paying for Letterboxd, however, it may be something I consider in the future.

If you use Letterboxd, feel free to add me! I’m BizarreBrunette. I always follow back. Letterboxd can be found on google play and the app store.

5 thoughts on “Monitoring Movies with Letterboxd

    • I like it! It makes re-watching movies more fun and when I’m asking myself, what movie do I want to watch, I can look at my account to all the movies that are on my watchlist. Let me know if you use it!


  1. I love apps/websites like this because I like to track everything. They’ve become even more useful since I was diagnosed with ME and my memory has gotten worse. I personally prefer as it does TV and movies and I watch TV more than movies.


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