Apocalyspes & Asskicking in Bad Ass Girl World

I met Chris Everheart at MSP Fallcon in October of 2019. I struck up a conversation at his booth where he was telling me about his comic, Badass Girl World. He graciously gave me both issue #1 and issue #2 to review. I read them rather quickly, but as my end table grew unorganized, these comics were sitting on top waiting to be discussed. I’m finally back to a semi-regular blogging schedule which means more comic reviews including this series: Badass Girl.

Issue #1

Badass Girl has no name, but she slays the game. When I say game, I mean surviving an alien invasion and being scarred by the death of her parents. She wanders through the land and to some she’s a legend. Her experiences throughout the comic give you an idea as to who she is and where she comes from. I can’t really say much else without spoiling the series.

If Mad Max Fury Road included aliens, Badass Girl World would be the comic version. I’m always inclined to read a series if it includes a female protagonist. This is set to be a four issue comic series, with issue #3 not being available to purchase yet.

Issue #2

With the Corona Virus, independent comic artists need your support. Many conventions are being cancelled or post-poned. This is absolutely the right way to go with this virus, but many creators are out of funds through airline tickets or profits they would have received at the convention.

All comics for Badass Girl World can be purchased digitally or through a hardcopy at a convention. On the Badass Girl World website, you can find t-shirts, coffee mugs and other swag from the series.

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