Pilot like Scoundrels in Star Wars: Outer Rim

Once a month, I get together with my brother, uncle and our family friend to play games. It’s either a whole day spent playing Magic the Gathering or it’s a day entirely devoted to board games. Towards the beginning of January, my uncle brought out Star Wars: Outer Rim for us all to try. This is going to be repetitive, but my favorite way to enjoy Star Wars is through gaming. I mentioned this in my Star Wars Destiny article I typed out recently. Star Wars: Outer Rim is no exception as it’s a strategic game meant to be played with a decent sized gaming group.

Star Wars: Outer Rim focuses on the planets within Star Wars that are filled with villainy and chaos. Each player picks a pilot, a ship and a scorecard to track progress. Picking a pilot was easy when I saw Jyn Erso was included in this game. Jyn is easily my favorite female Star Wars protagonist to date. Seeing Rogue One representation in Star Wars: Outer Rim gives me a great first impression of the game.

Star Wars: Outer Rim Game Board. Photo taken by me.

The board is designed in a half crescent shape designed with planets and travel routes for suggested movement. The goal of the game is to be the most famous flyer in the whole galaxy. This can be done by completing jobs, defeating various patrols or adventuring with more complex quests. Sometimes skill checks are required to complete a job which makes the game more complex. For example, Jyn starts with skills, but none of those skills include piloting. I had a mission where I had to use the piloting skill to complete the mission. I spent multiple turns rolling and failing my roles because I was at a disadvantage of not having the piloting skill. This is a huge reason as to why I lost the game we played.

Star Wars: Outer Rim isn’t an easy game, but not too difficult either. As I mentioned with my failed skill check, it can be difficult to complete missions without having the proper skill. Although, you can pick up crew members who have varying skills to help you succeed in missions. One of my fellow players stole K-2SO from me and I’m still salty about it.

Jyn Erso’s character board. Photo taken by me.

One benefit of this game is having the freedom to do what you want with your character. With Jyn Erso, I ended up taking down a couple of tie fighters which lowered my reputation with the Imperial fleet. However, I could have taken out rebel fleets and lowered my alliance with the resistance. It doesn’t matter who you partner with, but having alliances or enemies will impact how you fly throughout the Rim.

The only minor complaint I had turns can go on forever. We had four people in our group and I found myself feeling bored when it wasn’t my turn. I don’t think this is something that can be fixed with Star Wars: Outer Rim. The game is strategic, so game turns will take a little longer.

Star Wars: Outer Rim works best with more players. I would say three players would be ideal, recognizing that with four players, turns take a long time to be completed. Star Wars: Outer Rim is made by Fantasy Flight Games and can be purchased through FFG’s website or your local game store.

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