Fleabag is Cleverly Written, Inventive Comedy

If you have been active on Twitter in the past six months, you have probably seen some tweets about a “hot priest”. Andrew Scott from BBC Sherlock is the one to blame for this trend. He stars as the love interest in the Amazon Prime TV show, Fleabag. This “hot priest” trend is what got me into watching Fleabag to begin with. Fleabag is a cleverly written, inventive comedy and Phoebe Waller-Bridge deserves all the acting awards.

This is a Youtube video where Andrew Scott talks about the “infamous” hot priest scene in Fleabag. No spoilers unless you want to go watch the show without knowing anything.

Fleabag stars. . . Fleabag. Fleabag is a confused, sexually active woman played by Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Fleabag lives in London where she runs a guinea pig cafe that’s failing miserably. Her co-owner and best friend died after committing suicide after discovering her boyfriend had been cheating on her. Each episode reveals more about Fleabag’s life and her troubled relationships with her family. Oliva Coleman plays Fleabag’s manipulative and annoying step-mom. Both Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Olivia Colman do such a great job in creating this difficult family dynamic.

Fleabag is one of my favorite female characters ever. Found on GIPHY.

One of the main messages in the show is being able to own your mistakes. Fleabag makes a major mistake which I won’t reveal because it’s a big spoiler. This mistake haunts Fleabag and she struggles with forgiving herself and moving on. The last episode of season #1 got to me and I started crying along with Fleabag as she starts to unravel with the decisions she made.

Now I have to mention “hot priest”. The chemistry between Andrew Scott and Phoebe Waller-Bridge is unreal. The way they act together makes you genuinely believe they could make it as a couple despite the fact that hot priest can’t have sex. These two are my favorite OTP of 2020 and the year has barely begun.

Fleabag is only two seasons long with six episodes per season, so it’s a quick watch. Phoebe Waller-Bridge took home a a Golden Globe for this role and Fleabag won the Golden Globe for Best Television series. If this doesn’t convince you to watch the show, I’m not sure what will. I will leave you with a GIF of “hot priest” though because why not?

Fleabag and “Hot Priest” from GIPHY.

11 thoughts on “Fleabag is Cleverly Written, Inventive Comedy

    • I wouldn’t say it’s gory or anything. The show talks about mental illness, the death of a friend. It’s sort of graphic with sex? but I would do a little research and see if any of the content is triggering for you.


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  2. Oh! I love this series but not for our heroine, but for all supporting characters especially Claire and hot priest (if only I knew his​ name, I don’t like that tag) and I think Fleabag is problematic because she indeed makes a big mistake but can’t own it how could she? The show actually is about dealing with this mess she made of herself. And yes it’s great.

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    • I agree with everything you just said. Fleabag makes a huge mistake and doesn’t own up to what she does. I think it makes her a more interesting character because she’s not perfect at all. Claire is awesome. I can’t wait for season #3


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