Always – My Harry Potter Tattoo

I have known about my future Harry Potter tattoo since high school. In February, we took a family vacation to Orlando to see Universal Studios specifically “the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.” It was an amazing trip and I hope to go back in the next couple of years. Once I got back, I started giving my tattoo a lot more thought.

Harry Potter Tattoo September 24th .jpeg

Hearing the noise of the Tattoo machine. Taken by my friend through snapchat. 

In April, I started researching tattoo places in the Minneapolis area. I specifically was looking for any artist who specialized in colored ink. My tattoo idea was the blue / white ghostly stag of Harry’s patronus with a whisp of blue at the bottom leading into the Deathly Hallows symbol. I found Jackalope Tattoo located in South Minneapolis and I was impressed by the variety of artists they had on their staff. Each artist specialized in a different art technique meaning I could find someone who meshed with my idea. I clicked with Amo Azure, due to their profile which included bright art and watercolor infused tattoos. Amo was professional, direct and knowledgeable about where my tattoo should go on my body and what it would look like.

Harry Potter Tattoo 3.jpeg

Outline is done! Picture taken by my friend through snapchat. 

When I arrived, Amo was ready for me and my friend. I wasn’t nervous about the pain of the tattoo until I heard the tattoo machine turn on. One fact I learned while getting my tattoo is to never use the term “tattoo gun” because it’s a prison slang term, instead using tattoo machine. When I describe how it felt getting my tattoo, I would say it’s a cat scratch on a sun burn. This was advice given to me from two of my friends when I asked how does getting a tattoo feel. The higher up on my shoulder, the more it hurt. The color hurt the most because there were more needles than the black ink. After an hour and a half, I was done and super satisfied with my tattoo.

I’m waiting anxiously for the tattoo to fully heal, but I’m thrilled with the finished design. One of the benefits of putting my tattoo on my shoulder blade is that I can see it in the mirrors when I work out. It gives me an extra boost during my workout. My only regret is not getting the tattoo done sooner.

Harry Potter Tattoo 4.jpeg

The finished tattoo! Picture taken by my friend. 

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