Birds of Prey Trailer Reaction

When I heard DC was filming a Birds of Prey movie with Harley Quinn leading the charge, I was skeptical. Suicide Squad was a fun movie, but had inconsistencies including the over the top performance by Jared Leto. I didn’t mind Margot Robbie’s version of Harley, I hated how she was dressed in the movie. It’s ironic because I have cosplayed Suicide Squad Harley multiple times this year. However, I bought the “Daddy’s Little Monster” crop top at good will for $3 and if that’s not thrifty cosplay, I don’t know what is. The first trailer of Birds of Prey was released in the beginning of September. Here are my thoughts when I watched the trailer.

As I was ten seconds into the trailer, I realized they used the same “clown”? trailer music as It Chapter #2. That was probably intentional as this trailer was shown during the previews when I went to see It Chapter #2 yesterday.

I will admit Harley’s new neon outfit is fun. It’s a departure from the “jester” origins, and it doesn’t look as hyper-sexualized like the Suicide Squad movie portrayed her as. She has her mallet which is certainly Harley’s weapon of choice, and I still like the eyeliner black heart on her cheek. She comes into camera saying, “I’m so  f****** over clowns.” I’m glad the DC cinematic movies are bringing her into their universe, while allowing her to get away from being the Joker’s side kick.

We see a short clip of Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Huntress who I think looks bad ass. She takes off her hood and we can see the cross bow being unleashed on an unseen enemy. Right after the appearance of Huntress, there’s a clip a clip of Black Canary in golden leather pants. Ewan McGregor was cast as Black Mask and I adore him, so I’m into it. He looks like a douche bag, spoiled rich boy and even though it doesn’t seem like Black Mask from the comics, I’m still interested in how he plays his role.

The Bird’s of Prey logo appears and that’s when we can see some of the cast members walking around in what appears to be an abandoned warehouse. Towards the end of the trailer, Harley is sucking on a lollipop with the words “see you soon” flashing on screen which signals the end of the trailer.

As a fan, I do my best to reserve judgement. I have been proven wrong on casting choices too many times to count. As a prominent DC fan, I can’t wait for this movie. It screams girl power while also adding diversity to the casting choices. Birds of Prey is one of my most anticipated movies in 2020.


4 thoughts on “Birds of Prey Trailer Reaction

    • I can fully 100% see where you’re coming from. DC movies can be a hit when done right aka. Wonder Woman. However, when DC movies are bad.. they’re REALLY bad. As a lifelong DC comics fan, I will always be excited over DC things, but if that’s not where your fandom lies, I can see where you would have apprehension.


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