Convergence & New Beginnings

I will be honest, this week kicked my ass. I was working extremely long days which led to me coming home and passing out on my couch. The break from writing was much needed as I feel rejuvenated to bring content to BizarreBrunette. I wanted to recap my sixth Convergence convention which happened during the Fourth of July weekend. This year was different because Convergence moved hotels from the Doubletree in Bloomington to the Downtown Minneapolis Hyatt. This Convergence was one of my favorite years I attended due to the change in hotel.

Convergence 2019.jpg

Daddy’s Little Monster, Convergence 2019 

The Downtown Minneapolis Hyatt Hotel was a perfect location for Convergence. Since the hotel is located in the heart of Minneapolis, it’s easier to drive to. I ended up staying with a friend who lives slightly south of the cities, but we ended up taking an Uber each way which was convenient. It’s freeing to not have to worry about the status of my vehicle and whether or not I’m parked in an illegal space. This was the first Convergence where I didn’t have my car on site and it was worth it.

Convergence 2019 2.jpg

Convergence 2019 

One of the highlights of Convergence besides the hotel was the accessibility to the gaming floor. In Doubletree hotel, the gaming floor was on the 22nd floor. In order to play a game, you had to leave the festivities on the main level, wait for an elevator only to get to the 22nd floor with all gaming slots being filled. Instead, this year, there was more empty tables to play games with friends. Additionally, since the gaming room was on the fifth floor, it was easier to play a game here and then there while being able to return to the con at any given moment.

Convergence 2019 3.jpg

Wonder Woman cosplay! 

Finally, being in Downtown Minneapolis meant there was access to great food. There were many restaurants, breweries and taverns located within walking distance. We visited the local brewery, Lakes and Legends, quite a few times. I may have been the only one in cosplay at the brewery, but I had no shame. I was able to limit my food intake to one meal out to eat which allowed me to save money while exploring the Downtown area.

This Convergence was one to remember. Severe con depression sank in the Monday I returned to work because of how great my weekend was. Convergence is always a highlight of my summer and I always count down the days till next year.

8 thoughts on “Convergence & New Beginnings

  1. I’m so glad you had an awesome time! And I’m really surprised that there was no one else in cosplay in a place called Lakes and Legends lol. When we went to our con earlier this year the local city, Sheffield was descended upon by people in cosplay. There were some pretty weird looks from the locals but no one cared.


  2. It looks like you had amazing time! Your cosplay is great! I feel the same way about going to conventions. Every summer I countdown for the ones I’m going to attend, and after they’re over, it’s a slippery slope of waiting til next year.


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