Pennywise is Back; It Chapter #2

Without a doubt my favorite Stephen King novel is Carrie. She is the protagonist I would constantly root for as she gets revenge on her bullies, yet she’s a villain because of her methods. Plus Carrie features the absolutely terrifying fictional mother I have ever read about. Since reading Carrie back in high school, I tend to gravitate to his books. When my fiance took me to see It, I was blown away by how great the movie was. The child actors they picked really could act despite their age and Bill Skarsgard became this demonic clown creature. As more is being revealed about It Chapter #2, the more excited I become to see this movie in September. 

The newest trailer dropped at San Diego Comic Con (SDCC). After having watched the trailer three or four times in a row, one of my first impressions was the soundtrack. In horror movies, the music makes the movie. In the original Halloween slasher films, the music plays every time Michael Myers enters a home. In the It Chapter #2 trailer, there is a short theme that plays whenever It is hanging around. It’s creepy and the theme music stays with you.

Another reason I’m personally looking forward to this movie is the casting. Besides Bill Skarsgard, the “Loser’s Club” is perfectly cast. Bill Hader is the older Richie incarnated. Richie is this humorous, slightly nerdy kid, and Bill seems to adapt his personality well. Jessica Chastain seems to embody the adult Beverly with her flaming red hair and how she holds the whole group together. James McAvoy plays Bill Denbrough which is another excellent casting choice. The sequence in the trailer with James McAvoy in the fun house mirrors chasing after the little boy who is also being targeted by It is fucking scary.

I’m not a horror movie fan, but I can’t wait to see this movie opening weekend. It Chapter #2 opens September 6th 2019.


10 thoughts on “Pennywise is Back; It Chapter #2

  1. I ended up watching the Brian De Palma adaptation of Carrie last year, and I thought it was good. It was pretty funny how the trailer basically gave away the entire plot; maybe they didnโ€™t care about spoilers back then?

    I myself am looking forward to the second half of It. Stephen King adaptations tend to be a mixed bag, but I really liked the first one.


  2. I’m in the middle of reading the book right now, and my anticipation for the next one keeps growing. Clowns are one of my biggest fears, but I can’t help but love the reboot.


    • I haven’t read It yet. I’m actually reading the 2nd book in the Bill Hodges trilogy by Stephen King. I do want to see the movie, then read the book after. My fiance bought it for himself and then got too intimidated to read it.


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