May the 4th Be With My Engagement

Last Saturday, on Free Comic Book Day & May the 4th Be With You, my boyfriend proposed. Marriage was something me and my now fiance discussed, but I didn’t realize it would happen this past Saturday. It’s difficult to express into words how much I love my fiance. The way he proposed was immensely personal and respectful to me. I didn’t want anything public because in my opinion it can be seen as manipulative due to being forced to say yes because you’re in public. Many couples may enjoy public proposals, however it’s not for me. I wanted to recap this special day because of how important this means to me.

This Saturday, I drove from work to The Source Comics & Games to wait in line for Free Comic Book day. When I approached, the line had wrapped around the building. It was at this moment that the boyfriend texted me saying he had a surprise for me. I replied back saying, “great, I’ll be there when I’m done shopping for comics.” It took me about thirty minutes to get inside the store, browse for comics to purchase and pay for them at the counter. I texted the boyfriend telling him I was on my way home when he replied with something along the lines of “come home quick, this will change your life.”


Rose petals were EVERYWHERE. The book is front and center. Pictures taken by my fiance. 

As I drove home, my heart started to beat exceedingly fast. I wasn’t 100% sure if he was going to propose, but I knew he had something important waiting at home for me. Sure enough, I entered our apartment and out of the corner of my eye were rose petals laid out on the dining room table. I set down my stuff and walked to the table where I saw a bottle of champagne, a photo of us and a book.

I was trembling as he handed me this book. The book is an actual bound book describing our love story. HOW CUTE IS THAT!? I was impressed with the attention to detail because my character in the book is wearing a Gryffindor scarf. As I paged through the book, I was reading the last page which asked if I would marry him. By this point, the boyfriend was on one knee. I didn’t cry, but my face blushed into the color of a bright, red tomato. I said yes and kissed my fiance as he held me in his arms. After he put the ring on my finger, we started calling everyone we knew to let them know the good news.

I Said Yes.jpg

I SAID YES! The shock on my face is all too accurate. 

As far as wedding plans, me and the fiance are thinking sometime in Fall of 2020. Fall is one of my favorite seasons and our actual dating anniversary is in October. I’m incredibly thankful to be in a relationship with someone who has always adored me for being… me.

Me and Grant at Mom's.jpg

Celebrating at my mom’s house! May the 4th Be With You. 

Since I posted about my engagement, I wanted to thank everyone for their love and support. My social media feed blew up with family and friends who were happy for us. Once the initial news of our engagement dies down, we can start looking forward to wedding planning. For now, I’m still getting used to looking down at my finger and seeing the sparkle from my ring as I finish typing this blog post.

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