The relationship between Steve & Bucky Avengers Endgame SPOILERS!!!



Marvel Studios Avengers Endgame.jpg

Avenger’s Endgame poster. Photo released by Marvel. 

Like many fans, I cried throughout the whole Avengers Endgame movie. It was an emotional experience to say the least. The original Avengers movie is what drew me to comics originally, and Avengers Endgame felt like an end of an era. I wanted to discuss openly about the relationship between Steve & Bucky. I read a fan article which of course I can’t find when I need to reference it. It stated how it was rather selfish Steve stayed in time to be with Peggy versus going to help Bucky as he was tortured to become the Winter Soldier. I wanted to address that in my post.

I don’t think it would have been a good idea for Steve to help Bucky. Hulk says “we cannot change the past, only the future.” This is also why they couldn’t kill baby Thanos because it wouldn’t change the future outcome for planet Earth. Let’s say Steve goes back in time to see Peggy, and free Bucky. If the past doesn’t change the future, something terribly awful would happen to Bucky, which could also impact Tony Stark. Stark’s parents were murdered by Bucky, what would happen to them? Bucky is one of my favorite characters in the MCU, but I don’t think any of his past could be changed without negative impact.

Personally, I felt Steve’s ending was heartwarming to his run of Captain America. In an alternative timeline he gets the dance he never had with Peggy. I knew watching Avengers Endgame that Robert Downy Jr. and Chris Evans would be done with their respective characters. I’m happy that the Russo brothers decided to give Steve Rogers a redeeming ending instead of easily letting Thanos kill him in a brutal way. I’m interested to see how Falcon will do as the newly promoted Captain America.


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