Shazam! Pre Screening No Spoilers

Right before me and the boyfriend started dating, we chatted on Tinder about the Justice League. The DC universe is one of the fandoms me and the boyfriend have in common. Ever since the trailer dropped for Shazam! at San Diego Comic Con, we have both been  awaiting the release of this movie. Shazam is a superhero that could work well in a movie, but it also could go horribly wrong due to Shazam’s back story. I’m thrilled to say this movie lives up to the hype and you all should see it Friday April 5th 2019.

As I mentioned, there won’t be any spoilers for this movie. Instead, I want to focus on Shazam’s back story. Billy Batson is a troublesome, homeless kid found sleeping on the subway or being transferred between foster homes. Despite his upbringing, Billy has a good heart and defends his other foster siblings from bullies at school. This leads him to being transported to a mysterious throne where a very old man is sitting. This man is the Wizard Shazam using the powers of all the gods to fight evil. As he is aging, he recognizes he needs to pass his powers to someone else because eventually he will die. Billy says the name “Shazam!” and he is transformed into the ultra powerful being.

Shazam! takes inspiration from the New 52 series. In 2012 Geoff Johns rewrote the character as being from Philadelphia instead of New York. Johns also introduced Doctor Sivana early on in the series along with Black Adam. I’m thinking in the Shazam! sequel if there is one, Black Adam will be the main villain.

Shazam is truly a kid at heart even though he looks like an ultra buff Superman. This is where the movie lies in a delicate balance. Zachary Levi, Jack Dylon Grazer and Asher Angel were perfectly cast. Levi and Grazer have amazing chemistry together and Grazer’s humor adds to the comedic tone of the film. One of my favorite parts of the film is Shazam! testing his powers with Grazer’s help as he films him and adds it to Youtube.

Doctor Sivana is the main villain in this movie played wonderfully by Mark Strong. Doctor Sivana is a mad scientist of sorts. I felt Strong did a great job with the role, but I don’t think there’s anything particular unique about Sivana. He follows the stereotypical movie villain prototype.

Even if you’re not a DC fan, Shazam! is a fun movie to see in theaters. I feel bad for Warner Bros. since their DC movie universe is in shambles. I hope they get their shit together because Zachary Levi was fabulous as Shazam. Let me know you’re thoughts are with the movie in the comments below.

Shazam March 14th 2019.jpg

Shazam! opens Friday April 5th 2019 

7 thoughts on “Shazam! Pre Screening No Spoilers

  1. I’m always a bit let down by the DCEU, but I’m looking forward to this one, mostly because of Zachary Levi and Jack Dylan Grazer. Glad you liked it!

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  2. I’ve loved Zachary Levi since his Chuck days. He seems like such a genuinely lovely actor, that I think I’d watch enything with him in it, whether it was good or not. Thankfully Shazam looks awesome and funny, so I’m glad to see the comedy isn’t just face value and its genuinely hilarious.

    Emma |

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  3. I’m really looking forward to the light-hearted humour in this as I tend to cringe at most comedies so I miss having a laugh when watching films. Marvel have been pretty good at combining the too though, so glad to see DC doing it too. My bloke used to ask which superhero film belonged to Marvel or DC, these days he just assumes they are all marvel because he’s literally forgot about the DC ones lol


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