Dark Ages Campaign Acts #3 & #4 Recap

Remember how I’m involved in a DnD campaign? Our campaign titled Dark Ages is still active, I just got behind in writing the recap posts for each session. I’m going to blame my trip to Orlando and prepping for C2E2 for why I got behind in these recap posts. There’s a lot to summarize since our group of characters now befriended a pack of wolves intending to kill us. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I did write recap posts from our first two acts which I will link here:  Dark Ages Act #1 Dark Ages Act 2. Let me recap how we added a pack of wolves to our gaming group.

Act #3 Lots of Wolves

Our group is staying at our friend Rose’s house after we killed the innkeeper because of his human experiments on the townsfolk. Through our exploration, we know that there are bandits within the area. We could either stay and defend Rose in case she is attacked by bandits or go explore this monastery which has arcane artifacts. We chose to adventure to the monastery.

As we set up camp due to poor weather, we heard wolves howling in the distance. Muglupus (my boyfriend’s character) howls to the wolves which probably wasn’t smart to do. Of course, the wolves show up because a dwarf howling can be heard from miles away. It was Muglupus’s idea to try and befriend the wolves. Everyone in our group rolled terribly. Muglupus however, rolled a critical success. As long as we feed our wolves at regular intervals, we can keep them. There were five wolves including the alpha. Each of our characters got to name a wolf. This is what our group decided:

Alphie *the alpha* named by Muglupus. 68 HP.

Liam Neeson 11 HP

Mrs. Waffles < this one is mine. 11 HP

Jacob – 12 HP

Debra 9 HP

We also killed a group of bandits with help from our wolf pack. To prevent the wolves from turning on us, we let them eat the bandits. The wolves allow us to get to the monastery ahead of schedule which marks the end of this session.

Side note: What makes this session important is how my boyfriend was crucial to the story. As Muglupus, he rolled critically, so our characters could befriend the wolves. Earlier, my boyfriend had made a comment about how he wasn’t sure if DnD was “his thing.” I have never seen my boyfriend so excited to have a virtual wolf in the game. I thought it was cute, but also showed him how fun DnD can be.

Act #4 Fighting with Frost Giants

As our characters pulled up to the monastery, we were greeted by monks. They told us a story of these artifact tablets representing light and dark magic. If one of these tablets is destroyed, it puts the world out of balance as far as which magic takes over. The light tablet is located at the bottom of Lake Constance farther north than the monastery. Our characters have decided to find the tablets and either destroy them or give them to the monks for safe keeping.

As we attempt to go to Lake Constance, our group is surrounded by huge Frost Giants. Unlike our previous session, we couldn’t befriend them and we were forced to fight for our lives. Althaea didn’t do a whole lot with them, but was able to deal 8 damage to one with the firebolt spell. Unfortunately, one of the Frost Giants was able to severely wound Mrs. Waffles, my wolf. I had to use my last red vial to heal her, otherwise she would have perished. Our group was lucky because these Frost Giants had up to 68 HP. After looting their corpses, we see fire in the general area where Rose’s cottage was.

Our group goes to investigate and it seems Rose’s cottage has been burned to the ground. There seems to be no survivors. Deep in the ground seems to be footprints from her cottage leading north. As we circle back to the monastery (without the light tablet from Lake Constance), we find Rose was able to make it back to the monastery. She describes her ordeal of being attacked by 20 barbarians. I’m not sure how she was able to make it out of there? In our next session, we will try to secure the light tablet and establish whether or not we will keep the tablets safe or give them to the monks for safe keeping.

Recapping these past two sessions, Althaea didn’t have a huge role in either of them. However, it’s been exciting to see my boyfriend become more involved with the campaign. I’m not sure if he would ever seek out DnD without me involved, but it’s fun for me to see him getting excited about the game. Our next session is next weekend and now that Althaea is a level #5, I’m hoping she will kick some ass while riding Mrs. Waffles.


6 thoughts on “Dark Ages Campaign Acts #3 & #4 Recap

  1. I enjoy reading these updates, though I think this time round the most enjoyable thing about this post was imagining a DnD purist reading it and being shocked (your Dm appears to have reskinned some things to make it a bit different).to the point of speechlessness. It did get me thinking about a project I have had in mind for a while. How would you feel about a DnD collaboration at some point in the future? I have an idea for something which admittedly will take a bit of time to develop but then I will need some folks to be involved and if you are interested I’d like to invite your participation


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