Unstable Unicorns Review

Teeturtle has some of the cutest t-shirts. A couple years ago, I purchased one of my favorite hoodies from them. It featured all of the eveve evolutions jumping through the Pink Floyd Triangle. Unfortunately, I ripped a hole in it and had to get rid of it, but I know if I ever need any more geek hoodies, Teeturtle is the place to go. Recently, Teeturtle has delved into table top gaming by creating their Unstable Unicorns card game. During one of our DnD sessions, a friend brought over the main game with the expansions. Unstable Unicorns is really easy to learn and super adorable.

Basic Unicorn January 2019 .jpeg

I can be basic, but not Pumpkin Spice basic. 

Unstable Unicorns is a game of collecting unicorns for your stable. Every player starts with one baby unicorn. Throughout the game, you can play cards in your hand which could be adult Unicorns, upgrade cards to help you gain Unicorns or downgrade cards to prevent other players from gaining unicorns. There’s also “Neigh” cards which prevent a player from completing their action. The person who has around six to seven unicorns in their stable will win the game.

Unstable Unicorns January 2019 2 .jpeg

The main base game to Unstable Unicorns is perfect for all ages, however, there are expansions which are NSFW. These include cards with swearing, slightly inappropriate art and could be offensive. It’s as if Cards Against Humanity designed these cards. Instead of “Neigh” cards they will be “Neigh, BITCH” or “Neigh Motherfucker.” I find these cards hilarious, but they aren’t for everyone.

Unstable Unicorns January 2019 3.jpg

Probably my favorite Unicorn Card in the game. 

This game is great for anyone who’s a casual gamer and likes really cute things. I liked how quick the game was considering most of my board games I own take hours to play. I highly recommend buying the main game for your next game night.


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