Theater meets Fantasy in Backstagers

BackStagers Volume #1

It’s been a while since I wrote a comic book review in my Reading / Book section on my blog. Most of my books / comics reviews are positive because what’s the point of writing a review about something I dislike. A month ago I finished Backstagers Volume #1 published by Boom! Studios which is a comic I purchased while on my Boston Trip. This comic is charming, lighthearted and explores the positive feeling of fitting in.

Boom! Studios is based in California with the focus of creating unique comics for all ages. Lumberjanes was created by Boom! Studios which has been receiving great reviews. Boom! Studios has also written comics about WWE, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Cartoon Network.

The creative team behind Backstagers includes comics writer James Tynion IV and artist Rian Sygh. James Tynion is a mastermind in the comics industry because of his work on the Batman Detective Comics for DC Comics. Rian Sygh’s artwork is so heartwarming with the use of color and how each character is drawn. Both Tynion IV and Sygh also identify on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum which really adds to the story telling in this book.

Backstagers starts with Jory, the new kid at an elite school with all boys. Jory wants to meet new friends and decides to join the club known as the “Backstagers” the individuals who help put on the school plays. The Backstagers consist of Sasha, Aziz, Hunter and Beckett. In between gathering supplies for the play, the Backstagers must go into the mythical back stage room where the crafting supplies exist along with strange creatures and entrances to other dimensions. Can the boys put on the school play without getting killed by the creatures back stage?

I enjoyed reading this comic. This comic demonstrates healthy male friendships by showing that these characters laugh, cry and aren’t seen as overtly aggressive. The artwork also provides the heartwarming feel for this comic and I have become a fan of Sygh’s artwork.

The Backstagers is a lighthearted comic that has elements of LGBTQIA+ pride. This would have been perfect to read this past June for Pride month. I highly recommend supporting a smaller indie comics studio. Check your local comic book store to see if they carry this comic.

3 thoughts on “Theater meets Fantasy in Backstagers

  1. Ooo.. I’m very interested to read this, thanks for sharing. I remember being in school plays and what not at school, and always hating the creepy cupboards behind the stage, so this is either going to bring back some great or awful memories haha!

    Emma |


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