Shazam + Aquaman trailers: DC is Killing It at SDCC

Besides the disappointing Titans trailer, DC Comics has been releasing footage from their upcoming films. From reading my blog you can probably tell I lean a bit more on the DC comics side than Marvel. I like the Marvel movies, but when it comes to the actual stories in comics, I prefer DC. Even though DC has weak decisions regarding their film choices, I had high hopes for Aquaman. However, I was surprised to see the SHAZAM! trailer was also released. After having seen both trailers I wanted to recap my reactions to both the SHAZAM! and Aquaman movies.



Shazam is an interesting choice for a live action movie. The predictable choice would have been a rebooted Green Lantern, Green Arrow or I was holding out for a Nightwing movie. Shazam’s origin story begins with his alter ego; a young Billy Batson bouncing from various foster homes. Billy saves another of his foster siblings from a ruthless bully which hints at Billy’s possible foreshadowed role of being a hero. Billy is chosen by a wizard who sees the good in Billy and grants him god like powers to become the hero; Shazam. All Billy has to say is Shazam and he’s turned into this super buff, red lightning, superhero.

I’m impressed with the SHAZAM! movie trailer because with Shazam’s cheesy back story, this movie could be awful as a result. Zachary Levi was a great choice because he looks like SHAZAM! and I think he’s able to bring humor into the role. I thought the trailer had the perfect amount of humor which is good since DC’s movies are darker in tone. I also enjoyed the scene of Shazam walking around electrocuting everyone’s smart phones to charge them. I thought the scene was funny, yet relatable in today’s society with everyone being addicted to our phones. The trailer music was fitting especially in the sequences where Shazam is testing his limits to his newly earned powers. My final positive thought with the trailer is the special effects. One sequence features Billy turning into Shazam which I felt looked realistic instead of incredibly fake. I’m hopeful SHAZAM! will be an amazing film in DC’s lineup.



I will never forget meeting Jason Momoa at Planet Comicon this year and telling him to his face how excited I am for Aquaman. He nodded, smiled and said “hellllll yeahhhhh.” Also he offered me a girl scout cookie which I happily ate as I blushed out of his autograph line.

After watching the Aquaman trailer, my first thought is how fake Mera’s hair looked. Is it just me? Her hair looks too bright red to look normal. I would have almost preferred a slight orange / blonde hair because it would have looked more natural. With trailers, the special effects aren’t perfect so maybe when the film is released Mera’s hair will be toned down a bit.

The moments featuring Black Manta were fantastic as the costume is exactly how it appears in the comics. Black Manta is one of the biggest and baddest Aquaman villains and I’m curious how the fight sequences will play out between the two of them.

Ultimately I’m more excited about SHAZAM! than I am about Aquaman. I will forever be a DC comics / movies fan no matter what movies DC rolls out. I think there is potential in both of these films to redeem the DC movie universe. Zachary Levi and Jason Momoa are going to kick ass in these roles and I cannot wait to watch both of these films at their midnight premieres. April 2019 cannot come fast enough.

4 thoughts on “Shazam + Aquaman trailers: DC is Killing It at SDCC

  1. I honestly skipped on the Shazam ! Trailer because I have never heard of the character (I did not even know it was from DC) But after having read this, I will take a look. DO have to say that I really though the Aquaman trailer looked pretty awesome, and I am quite excited to see the film 😊😊


  2. I haven’t really heard of Shazam before but the trailer was fun. I’m extremely excited for Aquaman; the cast is going to be awesome and the special-effects look great.


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