My Favorite OTP’s on TV

I have been watching Agents of Shield for a second time to catch up to the most recent season. One reason why I’m a huge fan of Agents of Shield is the chemistry between the characters which includes one of my favorite couples on TV; Fitz & Simmons. They are truly beautiful together and their love honestly is couple goals. I decided to write a list of my favorite OTP’s or “One True Pairings” on TV.

Fitz & Simmons Agents of Shield 


These two are the most perfect human beings. My favorite season highlighting their relationship is season #3 because Fitz will do anything to bring Simmons back from Maveth. He also dedicated himself to bringing Will back even though if Will truly came back to Earth, Simmons would probably have stayed with Will and not Fitz. That’s pretty admirable to bring back your crush’s love because you care about her well being.

Ben & Leslie Parks & Recreation 

Ben and Leslie.gif

I recently finished watching Parks & Recreation with the boyfriend and one couple that stood out to me was Ben and Leslie. Initially, their relationship seemed pretty harsh because Ben was cutting funds to the Parks department in Indiana. Eventually, Leslie comes around and sees Ben for the adorable nerd that he is. I appreciate them as a couple because Ben has never poked fun at Leslie’s passion and has put his career on the line for her. Leslie was also willing to do the same if need be. They both want the best for each other and it’s so heartwarming to watch their relationship begin.

Karen Page & the Punisher Netflix Marvel series 

Karen and Frank.gif

This one may seem weird to some, but I really like Karen and Frank’s friendship? reappear in the Punisher. Karen doesn’t take any bullshit and she will put herself in danger to uncover the truth. Frank is the more intense one out of the two, but Karen believes his story and wants what’s best for him. Plus after the way Matt Murdock treats Karen in Daredevil season #2, Frank can’t do much worse, right?

Chuck & Blair Gossip Girl 

Chuck and Blair.gif

Nothing makes me reminisce about middle school like watching Gossip Girl. This show was a guilty pleasure show for me and my friends. I always rooted for Chuck & Blair as a couple because Chuck is this spoiled bad boy while Blair is the mean girl in school. When they become united though they become this ultimate power couple. It’s addicting watching the two of them interact with each other.

Penny & Leonard The Big Bang Theory 


Big Bang Theory is one of those shows I should dislike because it makes fun of geeks, but I still enjoy it to some degree. Leonard has always been lusting for Penny and eventually things work out. Once Penny realizes how serious Leonard is about her they break up and it causes some tension within the friend group. Eventually, Penny is finally ready and they become the dynamic duo that we as fans were all waiting for. I think Penny really balances Leonard out perfectly.

What are your favorite power couples on TV? I would love to hear them in the comments.

14 thoughts on “My Favorite OTP’s on TV

  1. You have certainly chosen two of my favorite pairs. Fitz Simmons is an absolute no brainer…it’s one of the best things about the show. And shock of all shocks I also completely agree with you on Karen Page and Frank. This was one hell of a fun post to read 😊


  2. I love Fitz Simmons and I am totally obsessed with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and although I am still trying to figure out their relationship, I like what Frank and Karen have going. One of my favourite TV couples is Jake and Amy from Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Randall and Beth from This is Us.

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  3. Cute post! I can’t help but like TBBT. I’m a couple seasons behind now, but I can ship Leonard and Penny 😉


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