Minneapolis decorated in rainbow for Pride!

Until this weekend, I had never been involved in Pride. Usually I always had something interfere with showing up for Pride. Fortunately I was able to attend this year and I wasn’t quite sure what I was expecting. I had a blast being a part of a vibrant community in the heart of the Twin Cities. I’m passionate about supporting individuals who are 100% themselves and are able to live their lives being free of discrimination, judgement and persecution.

I arrived to Loring Park on Saturday hoping to volunteer except I couldn’t find the volunteer booth. Instead I walked around looking at all the booths and photo opportunities. My friend joined me a half hour later to take pictures at the various photo ops. Target had a #TakePride statue you could get a picture with plus a rainbow confetti booth. I had to brush out all the confetti and I still found pieces in my hair hours later.

Pride June 2018 23rd.jpg

One thing I loved about Pride was how comfortable everyone was. I saw people wearing their hair a certain way or wearing a really cool outfit that might go against the norms of society. I also saw individuals with their identity’s flag strapped as a cape. I don’t know the color of all the flags so I had to look up what flag was linked to what identity, but there were more flags I didn’t even knew existed.

Pride June 2018 23rd 2.jpg

Everyone deserves the right to love who they love and dress in ways that make them feel comfortable and to be addressed by the right pronouns that matches their identity. If there is a Pride event in your city, I can’t stress enough how important it is for you to show your support. Allies are needed to continue this fight against hatred. I would attend Pride again next year if I’m free because it’s such a fun and uplifting place to be.

2 thoughts on “Minneapolis decorated in rainbow for Pride!

  1. Aweee, glad that you enjoyed Pride 🙂 In Brighton is also a lot of fun. Only that it lasts from Friday to Sunday, and if you go out to party you end up super tired!


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