Boston… Take Me Back

This past week I was in Boston, MA for a family vacation with my mom, brother and the boyfriend. We drove all 22 hours to get there and 22 hours back. In fact this past Thursday we drove 17.5 hours in one day which I don’t recommend. This trip to Boston is special to me because out of all the places I have visited, Boston is the one city I would love to move to. I’m going to share some pictures of my adventure along with why I adored Boston.

Sunday May 13th

Technically we arrived in Boston on Saturday night at around 8:00 PM. After drinking a pint at a restaurant downtown, we decided to walk around downtown Boston near the Boston commons. Boston Commons is Boston’s version of Central Park in NYC. Right on Bolyston Street is this Edgar Allen Poe statue. There’s his majestic raven and on the back of the raven is a heart from the “Tell Tale Heart” short story. I’m a huge fan of Gothic literature so I did indeed take a selfie with Edgar Allen Poe.


On Sunday May 13th, me and my family did some more exploring. After walking through the Boston Commons in daylight, we walked to Beacon Hill. This neighborhood is so serene and architecturally stunning. Every building has a New England feel to it. My dream house would probably be somewhere in this neighborhood.


After exploring Beacon Hill, we headed over to Quincy Market. Quincy Market is an indoor Farmer’s market with a variety of different restaurants. All the food smelled so good. This picture I took is the center of Quincy Market which I thought was spectacular.

324My coworker recommended to me that we explore the North End of Boston. Paul Revere’s house and statue are located here. The North End of Boston is also well known as being the Italian district with many different Italian restaurants to choose from. I was so surprised walking around this area how many restaurants there were! We passed at least 10 different restaurants before settling on the one we picked. There was a balcony with some flowers to provide a nice ambiance. I ordered butternut squash ravioli and I about died and went to heaven. My chardonnay was delicious and complimented my meal perfectly. Sunday was also Mother’s Day so the boyfriend snapped a picture of me and my mom enjoying our wine. Like mother like daughter, right?  331332333341

This is the Boston skyline from Boston Commons. As you can see, we lucked out on how gorgeous the weather was. It was sunny which is something I longed for after surviving yet another Minnesota winter.

Monday May 14th

The bookworm in me was thrilled to see that there was an outdoor book shop in downtown Boston. Brattle Books is one of America’s oldest book stores in the country <  I didn’t know this while I was currently shopping for my next book obsession. If I’m ever near Boston again, I will stop here for more books.


Boston is a city known for all of it’s U.S history. We stopped by the Boston Tea Party Museum (which I didn’t pay to tour it) along with the U.S.S Constitution. This naval ship shown in the picture below is the oldest ship still in the water. The boyfriend was really excited to see this in person. However, the museum was actually closed on Monday which stinks, so we could only see this from the outside.


The view from the Boston Harbor is breathtaking. You can see the whole city in it’s entirety and look at how blue the water looks. This picture is probably my favorite picture I took on this trip because it demonstrates how beautiful Boston is.


Typical couple picture in front of the Boston skyline because why not?


Me and my mom are on the same page with our love of Boston. As you can see she’s wearing a Patriots long sleeve shirt. I cannot stand the Patriots…


Tuesday May 15th

At my mom’s request, we walked from our hotel all the way to Fenway park. If there’s any sport that I truly love to watch, it’s baseball. When I think of an ideal summer day it would include watching the Minnesota Twins at Target field with a beer in my hand socializing with friends. Fenway Park is a really nice baseball stadium and I like how many restaurants surround this field. Unfortunately, we were unable to see a baseball game, but that’s on my bucket list for my next trip to this city.


Our final activity was to see the Skywalk Observatory. It’s located near this upscale hotel and you have to pay $20 to go up there, but it’s worth it. You get an incredible view of the entire city. It’s also not too packed up there so you have room to walk around and take plenty of pictures. This was another tourist activity I recommend doing while visiting Boston.


Overall, Boston is my favorite trip I have taken so far. If I could move anywhere in the U.S, I would love to live near Boston. Another thing I learned with this trip is that this was a long drive. 22 hours is a long drive one way. I’m not sure if I would want to do another road trip that long of a distance again. I found myself growing impatient and slightly uncomfortable from sitting in the car for many hours. I’m proud to say that I drove all the way out there. It’s a cool achievement.

Do you live in Boston? I would love to know what other cool things I missed out on. Leave a comment below!

8 thoughts on “Boston… Take Me Back

    • Oh no! Fenway Park is one of those historic baseball stadiums so it’s less of a baseball game and more memorable because of that. Glad you liked it even though you weren’t a huge baseball fan.


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  2. My brother lives in Boston so we visit the city pretty regularly and I agree, it is gorgeous! I haven’t been to a huge amount of major US cities, but of those I have, Boston is a fave for sure!


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