Netflix’s Thrilling Show; Mindhunter

Me and the boyfriend have made regular plans to binge watch a series together. After just coming off of Parks and Recreation, it was my turn to pick the next show to watch. I had seen Mindhunter on my Netflix feed and it attracted my interest. depepi wrote about Mindhunter on her blog and described it as “witty, harsh and intriguing”. The boyfriend was all for watching this show. By the end, he was disappointed as there was only one season. Mindhunter has been picked up for season #2 and I know me and the boyfriend will be anxiously awaiting it’s release date.


Mindhunter Image by Netflix.jpg

Mindhunter gets its inspiration from a book written by FBI agent John E. Douglas. Douglas has interviewed Charles Manson, John Wayne Gacy, Richard Speck and more psychotic individuals. Thomas Harris based his character Jack Crawford off of John Douglas (the author who wrote the Hannibal book series). I haven’t personally read the book myself, but it might be a book I may be interested in.

Mindhunter takes place in the 70’s where Charles Manson’s recent crimes shocked the United States. FBI Agent Holden Ford (played brilliantly by Jonathon Groff), admires from afar as to why the killers do what they do. He wants to understand these violent criminals to help prevent the crimes from happening in the first place. When he brings this idea of criminal profiling to his director, his director rebuffs him saying the FBI is only meant to solve the crimes when they happen. Holden is eventually paired with special agent Bill Tench (played by Holt McCallany) who’s job is to reel Holden in before he does something he regrets.

The drama from the show stems from Holden Ford’s actions. In one such episode, he secures a confession from a man who rapes and kills a 12 year old girl. As Holden interrogates him, he appeals to his mind by talking about how the 12 year old looks older and how fresh her vagina is < not even joking this was how he secures this confession. His mode of questioning works, but at what cost. Holden is an FBI agent can he really talk this way while representing the federal government?

David Fincher is an executive producer on this show which probably explains why I enjoyed it so much. Fincher is a miraculous director and has created some of my favorite movies (Se7en, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo adaptation, Gone Girl and Fight Club). If I were to become famous and could appear in any movie I wanted, I would want to star in a movie directed by David Fincher.

To be honest with you, this show starts off extremely slow. Me and the boyfriend were three episodes in when we contemplated starting another show. Once you watch the episodes, they get more intriguing as Holden discovers more cases to get involved with. The season ends with a cliff hanger as Holden appears to be having an extreme panic attack after visiting with Ed Kemper and scenes showing the BTK killer in Kansas.

I encourage you to give Mindhunter a chance. It starts slow, but the pace picks up rapidly leaving me and the boyfriend wanting more to watch. If you have ever been a fan of Criminal Minds, think of this as a prequel to that show. Without the impact of Mindhunter, Criminal Minds wouldn’t have ever existed.



8 thoughts on “Netflix’s Thrilling Show; Mindhunter

  1. I loved this show! It is very Criminal Minds-esque which is what drew me to it in the first place. I love the darkness and David Fincher quality in it. My only mistake was I binged it right before my roommate left for a week and I was very paranoid for a few days after ha!


  2. I came home one Friday afternoon to find my husband 2-3 episodes into this show. I sat down for a moment, the next thing I knew we had finished the season. Oops! Haha. I hope the 2nd season comes soon.


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