The Avengers; how much this movie means to me.

This past week I watched the Avengers with my boyfriend to prepare for Infinity War. This movie has a special place in my heart as helping to expose me to the world of comics. I remember sitting in the theater being a senior in high school and preparing to go off to college that fall. I watched this movie and I was entranced by all of the characters with their backstories and how they worked together. I wanted to dedicate a full post as to how much this movie meant to me and how re-watching it gave me all the feelings.

As I mentioned, I was a senior in high school when this movie was released. Reflecting back to that time of my life, I was insecure. Insecure about my looks, my body, and who I was as a person. My uncle persuaded me, my brother, and my mom to go to the theaters to watch this movie.

Everyone probably has their favorite Avenger. Most would say Iron Man or Captain America, but my favorite was Hawkeye. I had an obsession with Jeremy Renner for a couple years after the release of the Avengers. I still have two Jeremy Renner Hawkeye posters in my old bedroom at my mom’s house. Hawkeye is an ordinary human being who is forced into this alien invasion by Loki. He’s also the avenger who I think is given the most crap because he uses a bow. However, his hand-to-hand combat skills are lethal especially when he’s paired with the Black Widow.

Also, can I just say one of the very first OTPs I had was Black Widow and Hawkeye. I have always wanted to know what the hell happened in Budapest!?!?!?!. I was shocked when Black Widow was paired with Hulk because it seemed odd to me. I feel bad for Hawkeye because I felt he really didn’t get the attention that he deserves in the Marvel universe and I know other fans agree with me.

I didn’t visit a comic book store until the summer of 2013 when I brought my ex-boyfriend to Mead Hall Comics & Games in Minneapolis. I bought a few single issues without really knowing what I was looking for. Now, I buy mostly trades because it’s difficult for me to keep up with single-issue comics. I wouldn’t have even started buying comics if it wasn’t for seeing the Avengers in the theater in 2012.

To wrap up this post, I wanted to say how the Avengers has really transformed me into the geek girl I am today. It helped broaden my interests and put me waist-deep into the Marvel comics fandom. I’m excited to see where Marvel movies will head and I’m looking forward to reading more superhero comics and enjoying free comic book day this year.

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11 thoughts on “The Avengers; how much this movie means to me.

  1. This is what I love about Marvel. They created amazing characters that we can relate to and connect with. I agree about Hawkeye. He doesn’t get enough credit. He has no extraordinary powers, but has an amazing skill set he cultivated. He also adds a more human element to the mix. He keeps them all grounded, and we see him almost take care of the Avengers in Age of Ultron.


  2. Hi! I’m Kati and from Minnesota too! 🙂 I found your blog via the Geek FB group and wanted to say hello when I saw we were from the same place. I have to agree about wanting Hawkeye and Black Widow to get together. They’re definitely an OTP of mine and I love that so many people in fic/fandom seem to agree. I also can somewhat understand your appreciation of Marvel, because while I always was abstractly on the sidelines for this kind of stuff I didn’t want to fully like it. It wasn’t until I saw Captain America that I really was like “I enjoy this stuff and I’m going all for it.”


  3. I was at the end of my first year at University (as a mature student) when Avengers was out. I had 2 essays and a creative portfolio all due at various points from the end of April through the first weeks of may, but I knew that when the movie came out there was no way I could focus on my work until I saw it, so on the first morning of general release I wandered down to the cinema, watched and loved the movie, before returning to my customary spot on campus to do work. Renner’s portrayal of Hawkeye is one of my favourite. Hawkeye can be annoying but his representation was great. Its a shame they more or less benched him in the first movie. At least he got more time in the second one, even making a joke about it. Thanks for sharing.


  4. That meme is great! Thanks for sharing your story! I love Hawkeye and Jeremy Renner too. I often forget how much I like Jeremy Renner and always surprised by how many movies he’s in that I love. I’d say Captain America: The First Avenger had the same affect on me. Sometimes we just see a movie and it resonates with us in a way other movies can’t. 😀


  5. The Avengers is also super special for me too. Although I wasn’t into Hawkeye at all. I went in all for Loki. I already liked him from Thor, but the Avengers got me right in Loki’s Army 😀 And my mind must have been rotten ‘coz my first ships were Thorki and then FrostIron LOL

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