Personal Training: Update!

I haven’t been writing regular posts because I have been feeling… uninspired. I haven’t been on any great trips or read any super amazing books so it had been days since I felt energized enough to write a post. One great thing happened to me this week I wanted to share and it has to do with my personal training experience at the gym I exercise at. After doing an In-Body machine *which calculates your muscle & body fat* I had gained a pound of muscle. How cool is that!? All the hard work I put into my sessions has literally left me feeling stronger.

I talked about why I decided to hire a personal trainer in that blog post so I won’t go through that here. For me, my goal is to put on my more muscle mass because muscle is so important since it can deteriorate as we age if we don’t use it. I would like to decrease my body fat, but I’m not necessarily ready to be super strict with myself. For example if I go out to a happy hour with friends, I will have one drink, but try not to exceed two. My body fat went up .2 which I’m not too concerned with. I carry about 53 lbs. of body fat which you might think is a lot, but not really. I love my curves! I don’t want to be really skinny because I like having some body fat on my frame. I would like to see this number decrease, but it’s not my main concern.

I can tell I’m getting stronger based on how I complete the workouts. Before this, I couldn’t do a push-up on my toes. Now, I can do multiple push-ups in a row on my toes and go farther down into the push-up. I have upped my weight in dumbbells doing 20 lbs. for a shoulder press. Also my stamina! I feel I have more energy to go along with my day which means I’m decreasing the amount of coffee I drink and increasing my water intake.

Overall if you have been exercising and haven’t been seeing results, hire a coach or personal trainer. Getting toned is tough to do on your own, so allow someone to help assist you in getting the results you need.

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9 thoughts on “Personal Training: Update!

    • I know right?? For me, I think it’s important to have body fat. I don’t want to be “skinny” I like having curves to my frame and having body fat helps protect your organs and bones. For me, having that muscle helps me age better so I don’t have to end up in a nursing home in 40 – 50 years.


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